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Furry Vest, New Shades & Links

My days are all sorts of mixed up this week, guys. I have a bajillion links to share, but I felt like this outfit needed to be posted because, well, sherpa fur.
Glasses: c/o Firmoo / Dress:  Nordstrom Rack / Vest: Mystree via Stitch Fix (similarsimilar) / 
Boots: Nicole Swiftness (sold out - similar)
And these shades, of course.
So I touched on how to dress for sweater weather when it’s more like bikini weather out a few weeks ago, and here I’m at it again. Sure, I’m chilly in 60-degree weather, but my excuse is that I’m a born Floridian and live in California. Most of you people who understand what winter is like aren’t trying to bundle up (like I did here) when it’s 70 and sunny out all day.
So sometimes you gotta pair your big furry vest with a little flowy dress. I got this vest back when I was a stylist at StitchFix (and spent all my earnings on styling myself each month), so I can't find it online, but it is the coziest fur ball of a vest I ever did see. These big poofy numbers could be a bit more flattering with a belt, or you can embrace the poof like I did. They're great for layering over plaid or all black errythang, or in my case my go-to boho dress.
Right now I’d say this is my favorite style of dress: loosey goosey, brightly colored, long sleeves and, you can’t see it but, a cool cutout in the back (I wore an almost identical one here). Also, I’m pretty stoked about these new prescription shades from Firmoo since my trusty sunglasses were lost in the Great Floating Accident of 2015 (aka my boyfriend tackled me into the water and now they’re sleeping with the fishes).
If you haven’t checked Firmoo out already, get on it (I tested them out here and here too). There’s a great selection available here and you can get 15% off sitewide here. This pair is the #SF1342 in a dark grey tint and I'm very happy with how they turned out.

Hence my wrinkly nose pics. You're welcome.
And now for some obligatory links:
Free packs of AWESOME stock photos by the one and only Pink Pot. Here's the holiday version.
Facebook year in review making me cry n stuff.
On pursuing a day dream when you have a day job - I think some of you can relate.
Free shipping on these awesome fair trade products with 'SHIPMEFREE'
I knew this gal briefly a long time ago, but I found her blog and fell in love with her honest, raw and beautiful words.
The neurology and psychology behind popularity

I wrote some stories for Mode:
Look Good, Do Good
Faux Leather Jackets for Every Occasion
Bloggy crush of the week
Unexpected word usage of the week: Textile -- used by nudists to describe someone wearing clothes, especially on a beach

Who knew? Happy Friday, friends!

Original photography by Becca Wyant for One to Nothin'. All rights reserved.


  1. I love this outfit, it is so cute! Need the dress so bad.
    That's a new word to consider myself - a textile. How odd, haha!

    Kyah / www.weekendtempo.com

  2. Happy Friday! As always you're witty, delightful and gorgeous :)


    seriously though LOVE the fur. and that blue looks great on you!

  4. Your hair is giving me serious envy right now. dat volume doe. Also, yay for writing elsewhere! So perfect! (Stalking prAna now.)

  5. I love the vest! I was loving the warm weather too this past week/weekend too.


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