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I confess..

Shades: Firmoo / Dress: Target / Sandals: Target

-Normally I'm not a fan of sunglasses that show my eyebrows (is that weird?), but these beauties from Firmoo are awesome. If you haven't checked out this company yet, I encourage you to go grab your first pair for free (there are tons of prescription glasses available as well).

-I ate concrete two minutes into my run yesterday, cracking my iPhone screen for the first time since I got it three years ago and bloodying up my knee and palms. Considering this started happening this time last year, I can't help but feel that everything is cyclical.. or that I have a neurological disorder. 

-Speaking of cycles, shark week is going to be here early, folks, and I know this because after cracking said screen and bleeding out, I proceeded to sob uncontrollably for the rest of my run. That's approximately 4.5 miles of crying. In public. 

-I thought 25 would bring with it some level of sophistication, but apparently not. Just me ugly crying next to a lake as happy couples stroll on by and geese shamelessly shit on the sidewalk.

-My scalp is trying to kill me. Death by itch. I need a cone like for dogs except for my hands, I guess, since I could easily still scratch my head while wearing a cone. But on the other hand, how cool would my next #ootd look with a giant white cone around my neck?

-Since I have yet to make the fashionable cone purchase, I lathered my head in coconut oil and now I feel like a greasy, beat up pina colada.

-I've eaten tacos every day since Sunday. When I wasn't eating tacos (I even made one into a "breakfast taco" by adding one egg this morning) I was eating McDonald's and vegan cheese pizza because apparently I forgot about paleo and also see shark week confession.

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  1. my confession is that you're my WCW

  2. Ahhh! The scalp thing! I'm afflicted as well. My whole life. A couple weeks ago, my brother-in-law sung the praises of Selsun Blue (the original formula only, says he). It works! I'm itch free! All those expensive natural shampoos and conditioners I've bought over the years pale by comparison. I've done the coconut oil thing as well, which helps, but jojoba oil is just as good and is easier to apply and wash out.

    Also, everything IS cyclical. I notice it, too. It's a rather weird phenomenon. Do we cause it, though? Without meaning to? I often wonder.

  3. I ate McDonald's last week... and I never eat McDonald's. But they have these little white cheddar burgers on the dollar menu and so yeah... I had 2. A two dollar lunch... not exactly paleo.

  4. Yes to Carrots Scalp Relief shampoo and conditioner. Game changers. I almost cried on my run last night too, but unlike you I said screw it called it a night after two measly miles. Today's gonna be a better day for us, right?

  5. i tried not to laugh when i got the snap of your bloody knees. emphasis on TRIED

  6. Your confessions. I can't handle them. I'm sorry that you fell but thank you for turning it into something kind of hilarious. Also shark week can suck it. It is always inconvenient. I've been on BC for a few years now and I still think it's never at the right time.

  7. oh boy...falling during a run and finishing up your 4.5 miles!? you are made of steel chica! And so is your stomach! Considering you just ate a bunch of tacos...uk!



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