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Bex's Creative Cocktail: Hot Rum-A-Tum-Tum

My photo and cocktail guru, Bex, took a bit of a hiatus from OTN in November because she was busy writing a NOVEL! That's right, friends, unlike this guy who only got to about 5,000 words, she destroyed that 50,000 word mark. But now that it’s done, she’s got some holiday cocktails to share starting with this pretty hot buttered rum number. I'll let her take it from here.
Holiday Cocktail Recipe: Hot Rum-A-Tum-Tum
Now that I'm done with the novel, it's time to get back to the important things in life. Like alcohol. I mean, the holidays. Yes. I mean. Well. You're right, it's like a combo. Let's get those cheeks nice and warm with some hot cocktails to replace that fireplace your small apartment doesn't have. (Remain silent if this doesn't apply to you, because I don't care or want to hear it) With that said, here's a twist on a yummy classic, hot buttered rum.

Over at Bar de Bex, we're gonna bunch it up a bit and add some Drambuie and Amaretto into the mix with a chocolate cream to top it off. So here's "Hot Rum-A-Tum-Tum" to get you kicked into the holiday spirit while keeping your true boozy self alive.

Hot Butter Rum Premix:
2/3 Cup dark brown sugar
1 Stick of unsalted butter
1/4 Cup Honey
1/4 Cup St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram

*Heat in a small pot. Mix until butter is melted and it has become a syrup-like texture.

Hot Butter Rum-A-Tum-Tum:
1 Large spoon full of premix
1.5 oz Cruzan Black Strap Rum (or any dark rum)
0.5 oz Amaretto
0.25 oz Drambuie Hot Water Cream Creme de Cacao

*Preheat glass with hot water for 30 seconds. Dump water and add a large spoon full of premix, rum, Amaretto, Drambuie, and 1 oz. of hot water. Stir until premix is dissolved and liquor is warmer. Top off with another 1 oz. of hot water to bring the temperature up again and slightly stir. Add 0.5oz of cream and 0.5 oz of Creme de Cacao into shaker with ice. Thoroughly shake for 30 seconds. Fine strain thin layer of the chocolate cream on top as garnish.

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Original photography and recipe by Becca Wyant. All rights reserved.

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