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Power Paragliding, Winter Wonderland + Weekend Things

It gets really hard to do things in December, don’t you think? Every other email I get is an incredible holiday deal on something I just have to buy for a family member (since I FINALLY get to see them after eight months apart), and when it comes to deciding between sitting in front of my computer screen for a few more hours, after the obligatory eight, and baking something full of carbohydrates, the latter usually wins. In other words, I’ve been spending all the monies and eating all the things and not getting much of the productive stuff done. But that’s what January is for, right?
Anyway. Despite the time crunch, loss of productivity and excitement/anxiety that comes along with traveling for the holidays, I went out of town this past weekend. I tend to just pile it on instead of easing into things (remember Vegas?). It was the anniversary of meeting that dude I date, so I surprised him with a trip to Sacramento to go powered paragliding which was actually in Olivehurst, but we stayed in Sac town where I stumbled upon the Global Winter Wonderland that we ventured into Friday night.
This was a county fair of sorts except it had giant, epic light up displays all over the park including bees with flapping wings and this humongous lion constructed with liquid-filled medicine bottles and glass plates. There were crazy spinny rides, huge slides, puke-inducing flippy rides, free fall rides and plenty of corn dogs, funnel cakes and candy apples to nom on. It was really way more fun than I thought it would be and if you ever find yourself in the area, you should check it out (I scored a good deal on tickets from Groupon).
Then Saturday, while the boyf was still in the dark, we drove to Olivehurst for our first paragliding experience at Blue Sky Powered Paragliding. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from “Powered Paragliding” but turns out it’s a little three-wheeled motorized vehicle with two seats (a professional was driving this bad boy, not me) that takes off into the air and glides around the sky. So you’re pretty much just a bird for 20 minutes and it’s freakin awesome.
And the flight suit is sexy as hell, am I right? The instructor, Dave, was super friendly and straps a GoPro to your headset so you can experience it all again later.
We were pretty dang close to the trees and water at some points. If you’re in the area and you’re not terrified of heights, you have to go. It was an epic adventure.

Besides that we hit up the Capitol building for a minute before playing tons of arcade games at Coin-Op and watching mermaids splash around in an overhead aquarium at Dive Bar. Oh, and while you’re there be sure to soldier through the wait at Tower Cafe (we stood in the pouring rain - worth it) so you can eat the French toast. It’s soaked in custard and ridiculous (I’m usually a die-hard savory breakfast kind of gal, but I couldn’t say no to French toast covered in bacon compote and spicy jam. Oh. Em. Gee.)

So that was my weekend. How was yours? 


  1. Wow what a weekend! That light up winter wonderland sounds spectacular and I would love to try paragliding someday.

  2. You're the best girlf and yes, I laughed hysterically at your snap-video commemorating your "anniversary" < 3


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