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I Confess..

I had a pretty legit outfit post planned for today, but I decided to cuddle and sleep instead.

My stomach growls SO LOUDLY at work that I’m afraid the entire building will hear it. I eat so much. There’s absolutely no reason for it to be so effing loud.

I’ve had a Mac computer for the past four years, but it wasn’t until last week that I realized I could sync my iPhone photo stream to the laptop via iCloud. AKA I’ve been manually pulling photos from my phone to my computer this whole time. Like an idiot.

It’s impossible for me to give someone recommendations on things to see/do/eat in the Bay Area without writing a novel. If you don’t want to look at my rambling texts/emails/messages for at least 10 minutes, don’t bother asking.

If you try to give me a reason for why you’re supporting Trump right now, I will have to physically restrain myself from kicking your face in.

I'm obsessed with coffee table books, planners and journals. Like, really obsessed. I would buy them all if I could.

When I do evening workouts (primarily on Mondays), and I know I'm working out again at 6am the next day, I don't bother with showering. Sweaty sheets FTW!

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  1. I completely agree on the Trump thing! Luckily, it looks like newspapers are changing their tune about him! Have you read the Huffington Post article where they plan on calling him out for what he is really doing in their coverage of him, instead on continuing the lines that he is "entertainment"

  2. "If you try to give me a reason for why you’re supporting Trump right now, I will have to physically restrain myself from kicking your face in." HAHA, YES. It's just becoming a joke at this point. Is he trolling us? Early April Fools joke?

  3. This is such a great post idea!

    xo, Liz

  4. I can't fathom anyone supporting Trump. The whole situation is completely insane. Also, I totally don't blame you for sleeping in... I'm counting down to the weekend so I can do the same!

  5. Ugh Trump. It's just a joke at this point. And yes, I do the same thing with workouts. Sometimes I can get myself to rinse off quickly but the hair is definitely never washed.

  6. The other day I planned my mealtimes really poorly so I was STARVING before I went to yoga class but didn't want to eat right before going in and throwing my body around...there were some pretty serious and intrusive stomach grumbles coming out of me for all to hear. That room is like an echo chamber.

  7. I was doing that with photos for a long time too - but in the PC world. My android phone syncs them directly to Google and yet I was doing it all manually, oops! Oh man and don't even get me started on Trump. One of my coworkers (who is the sweetest lady ever) is a Trump fan and I have to keep vomit down every time she brings it up.


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