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Hey there, friends. This post is brought to you from my disgustingly dirty bedroom. If you were here right now, you might find: an almost empty bag of clean laundry that was never put up, an overflowing bag of dirty clothes that need to be washed, a giant trash bag of clothes I've been trying to give away for about a month or two now, a pile of sweat from where I've been sitting and working all day in my 80-degree-no-AC-apartment, approximately 15 reusable Safeway bags full of wet god-knows-what from the river (I think I saw soggy Oreos? I definitely saw half a bottle of wine..) and dog hair everyyyyyywhere. I can't remember the last time I went shopping for things that are not cute disposable cups or clothes for Vegas, and I ate a huge, delicious, 4,576-calorie cupcake that I'm 100% sure was not dairy-free in celebration of my birthday that doesn't even happen until Saturday.

Life is good, but I've been FOMOing too hard to get anything productive done. Last Thursday I went to the Bleachers/Charli XCX show (where BORNS opened!!), Friday I went to dinner in SF to wish my girl Emma the best of luck on her move to SoCal (we'll miss you!!), Saturday I made everyone raft down the river with me starting at 8am for my early birthday celebration and Sunday I thought about recovering, writing articles that are due, writing blog posts I've already photographed, buying eggs, working out but instead I went into the city again to sit in the park drinking wine with Ziggy (where I impulsively bought Outside Lands tickets). I woke up with a fresh crop of pimples on my face and I've got some ridiculous shin bruises from jumping off cliffs (maybe?). But that's fine because it's not like I have to be naked for five days straight in VEGAS in two weeks--jk, that's exactly what I'm doing!


If you never see me again after August, now you know why. But at least I'm not moving and job-searching at the same time this year.

Cheers to summer and being on the closer-to-30-end-of-my-20s and not having to carry boxes anywhere and excessive exclamation marks!


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