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Giant Scarves & Poofy Coats

Coat c/o Shein / Blanket Scarf: Garage / Jeans: Target / Boots: Target / Shirt: Old Navy
This coat makes me feel like Cher Horowitz in the best way possible. Fuzzy, stylish, warm. 
I know I just came from a place where it actually gets cold, but there's something about this 45-55 degree weather that confuses and makes me even more chilled than I would be in the snow. Which is why I decided to go full-force into the warm clothing realm.
Bulk be damned! I'm usually cautious about wearing long coats and poofy things because my frame is rather petite, I live in California and I feel like I'm being swallowed by larger clothing items. But I said, "screw it," because you know what? Blog readers probably have no idea how tall (or cold) I am anyway. Unless you saw a picture of me standing next to Jessi anyway.. 
And if we can't do what we want in fashion, when can we? Am I right? 
Freedom! Self expression! Poofy coats! Heeled booties! Fake eyelashes! Ginormous scarves! Just some of the things I'm into lately.
Oh, and since it's Wednesday I have one confession for you...
Ready for it?
That's not my apartment up there. 
That's right, y'all. I crept on the porch of a stranger's home and then walked whimsily down their brick-lined driveway like I owned the place. #YOLO

Happy Wednesday!

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Photography by Becca Wyant for One to Nothin'. All rights reserved.


  1. First off, love the picture! So fierce. And second, I basically live in my same blanket scarf and I'm so glad others love it too!


  2. Ha-ha I loved knowing that it wasn't your apartment and that you're glamorously petite. Yes I'm tall and yes you're short, but I know you do it just to make Ziggy feel better. Right?

  3. Get it girl! You look great. I love that you just went out there and did your thing. That's what I'm struggling with right now.

  4. Someone get Tyra on the phone, you fierce!

  5. You go, girl! I think you'd make Cher Horowitz very proud by rocking that coat on a random porch. Love it!

  6. These are my favourite kind of outfits! Layers and piles of cosy! I am actually in love with the coat as well!

    Kyah -

  7. Yes! I feel the same way about 45-50 degree weather! Give me the 20s over the 40s any day!


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