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20 Warm and Cozy Winter Activities that are Less Netflix, More Chill

I'm a big fan of lists. But not like productive to-do lists. Those are fine and all, but I like lists of fun things that you and/or your loved ones must complete in a certain amount of time. Bonus points if they're embarrassing. Once upon a time I instated a rule that for every red light the reader of said list came upon during a short road trip, one article of clothing had to be extracted. I'm not going to make you get naked (yet), but I am going to supply you with a long (and innocent) list of warm and cozy things to do between now and February. Twenty tasks, my friends. Are you up for the challenge? They're not location-specific, so feel free to add your own.
1. Make horchata and/or hot apple cider (then listen to Vampire Weekend because you can't not)
2. Wrap up in a blanket scarf (maybe figure out how to tie a blanket scarf while you're at it)
3. Toast marshmallows - if you have a fireplace, lucky you, but I’m personally a fan of the over-the-stove technique. Also, marshmallows in the microwave = priceless
4. One word, two syllables: Bonfire. Got a beach? Even better
5. Board game and wine night - my all-time favorite games are: Taboo, Heads Up! or Hedbandz, puzzle (who says you can't be alone for board game and wine night?), Spit and Mexican Train Dominoes
6. Stream music videos on your TV - learn/imitate the dances in your living room (mix up some of these cocktails to set the mood)
7. Put on your comfiest socks you own and slide across the wood/tile floor "Risky Business" style
8. Make a blanket fort (no, you don’t have to have children to make a blanket fort)
9. Play a video game - maybe you already do this on the reg, but at my house we never do, so it’s a special occasion when we get out the Wii and get weird with the tennis game or start a fun, easy to learn game like Mario Galaxy with your significant other - you can do two-player or switch off when you inevitably get frustrated (guilty!)
10. Make a pizza from scratch - you could order it, but making it yourself is way more gratifying and the best part is you can make it as weird as you want (pass the capers and anchovies!)
11. Turn all the lights off and only light candles for light the rest of the night
12. Have a handstand competition
13. Grab a blanket and do some online shopping on your couch - I did way too much of that this week
14. Wear your slippers all day. Even if you go out, slippers stay on
15. Look at or make REAL photo albums - get out the old family photo albums and laugh at all your naked baby pictures (this is one of my favorite things to do)
16. Have a painting party! I once brought over painting supplies for my boyfriend's birthday celebration and more recently made my roommates paint apartment decorations for Halloween with me - great bonding time
17. Listen to this playlist
18. Snuggle - dogs, cats, babies, lovers - your choice
19. Play mix CDs - you know you have old mix CDs from middle/high school stashed somewhere.. get 'em out and bask in the embarrassment
20. Netflix - I mean, there's always Netflix. It can be pretty warm and cozy too (especially the holiday section), but I dare you to start a series you've never heard of before (DANGER)

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What are your favorite warm and cozy activities?


  1. I may never actually figure out how to tie a blanket scarf. love this list!

  2. We're really thinking about making a magical Christmas room/fort where we have to enter through drapes to be mystified by the lights and the tree and the amazing memories that will follow. Then we can have wine and puzzle nights under the glow of the holidays!

  3. Challenge accepted. Also, I still have my MASSIVE book of mix CDs full of cryptic designs and mix titles. One friend who always rides in the backseat likes to flip through the book whenever in my car and select a particularly embarrassing sound one for our entertainment and it's back to 2006 all over again. Good times.

  4. I'm totally making mulled wine and cooking dinner with the boyfriend tonight. Can't wait!

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