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Spiked cider & a playlist to match

I might be going overboard with the hot drinks lately, but it's 30 degrees out right now and this Florida native can't stop obsessing over things she never used to care about, like hot toddies, thick socks and sweaters that actually keep you warm (why do I have so many hole-y sweaters?). I considered boiling actual apples to make hot apple cider from scratch because this NorCal thing is changing me (I swear in college I only used my stove when I was feeling fancy with the Ramen, which was not often because Ramen tastes better uncooked. Rawmen, if you will.), but then I realized that it would be a lot easier to just do it ABM style and add cinnamon and nutmeg to apple juice--but even that was a process because I realized I didn't actually know what "from concentrate" meant. After some iPhone searching, I decided it was necessary to spend the extra $8 to get the apple juice that was solely juice from real apples without things removed from it first. This is who I am now. I even expect coffee shops to have a vegan creamer option these days. The trip to Florida in a couple weeks will be an interesting experience (but no, really, I'm super pumped). 

5 cups apple juice (the real kind)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
undefined amounts of Captain Morgan spiced rum or Fireball Whiskey**

Heat the juice, liquor and spices on the stove over medium heat while stirring it up. Pour into a mug that has a handle unless you're taking photos and are okay with burning your hand off by pouring it into a mason jar. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and an apple slice so you can feel fancy (and kind of weird about the fact that you now have a bottle of cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon in the pantry and no protein or veggies in the fridge).

**adjust according to how sloshed you want to be because whether it's one shot or four, you will not taste it. At all.

And now for a playlist to enjoy while sipping your cider (which is actually my autumn playlist with extras added and a super creative name change).


  1. Oh this sounds yummy! I'm gonna have to make a batch of this tonight.

  2. Sounds delicious! And we still love you, even if you're trading in your deep-fried roots for organic granola [... more deep-fried twinkies for me. ;) ]

  3. Mmmm, I love Fireball whiskey. This sounds like my kind of cider! And how did I not know that Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles did a winter song together?! On it right now!!

  4. i suppose i can stop listening to my christmas playlist for a little bit to try this one on for size!

  5. Making this if my snow day dreams come true tomorrow!! Love the booze "measurement"

  6. oh man. that is an excellent playlist. also, ill probably making that tonight.


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