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What I Wore

OTK Boots: Unisa / Skirt: Tobi (similar) / Shirt: Love Culture (similar)/ Lipstick: Besame in Cherry Red
As soon as the sun went in, the over-the-knee boots came out. I bought these last season when I went on a particularly impressive DSW shopping spree and unfortunately only got to wear them a few times before the weather here turned sticky. I promise to do you better this time around, OTKs. Since it's not actually cold, just not hot, I channeled my autumn enthusiasm with wine red lips and kept it breezy with the skater skirt and chambray.

Let's talk about this lipstick for a second. This Besame lip color is the first and only high-end lipstick I've ever owned, and as much as I hate to admit it, the difference is real. It looks damn good in its old-school bullet-shaped case and velvet protective bag, but beyond that the color makes your teeth look way whiter than they are and it stays put. No one sent me this bad boy for free, by the way (although there is an affiliate link up there if you want to buy it), I'm just spreading the word for you lovelies looking to make some cosmetic investments. Your lips will stay this color for hours and even as it fades, it just looks lighter--no accidental lipliner looks. The only tricky part is staying in the lines during initial application (I suggest a lip brush). I'm out of practice, y'all. Don't judge; pigmalabiaphobia is real.

Moving on. This skater skirt is everything. When I ordered it, I didn't have high expectations. I'm not really a skirt person (mostly because matching them with shirts that match and don't do that weird lumpy thing in the middle is hard), so I was surprised to find that I wanted to wear this one everywhere. It hits right at that flattering spot and doesn't overly emphasize the slightly disproportionate badonk as skirts tend to do. Also, it makes me feel like Liv Tyler in "Empire Records" and that's never not a win. I predict some pairing-with-tights and sweaters action as the temps drop.

So if you're over summer, but summer is not over you, wait 'til it's a little overcast, throw on some darker-than-you're-comfortable-with lipstick and OTK boots and treat yo' self to a PSL.

You deserve it, betch.


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