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Life Updates

A lot has changed in a relatively short period of time.

On a small scale, overnight the weather did a 360. Instead of working from my bed in my skivvies trying not to sweat on the keyboard in my air-condition-less apartment, I'm wearing sweatpants, socks and a fleece. Ziggy will finally cuddle on the bed with me again without panting and seeking refuge in the ever-so-slightly cooler hallway and I finally felt okay about drinking hot coffee this morning.

This could all change tomorrow, but for now I'm listening to Young the Giant, burning a cookie scented candle and savoring the chill in the air; so naturally it's prime reflection time.

For the past year I've been incredibly lucky to work in a rad office. It's on the eleventh floor encapsulated by giant glass windows overlooking the bay, and gourmet food trucks park out front every day at lunchtime for my feeding pleasure. There's a ping pong table, a latte machine, free snacks and there's even a gym downstairs. I've gotten to edit blog posts by some huge, mega, celebrity bloggers every day for a year and I think it's obvious by now that blogging is my favorite thing ever.

It's been an exciting, dream-come-true kind of a situation as far as job description goes, and to top it all off, the people I've worked with have been incredible. I quickly realized my desk neighbor was destined to be my best friend, I've been able to pay rent and get inspired to create better content for this site all while working with some lovely and talented people.

All that said, today my last day.

Here's a quick reminder of how things went down: I moved into my apartment in Oakland while I was still nannying in Dublin (about 20 minutes away). I was job searching at that time and I figured Oakland was a pretty neutral spot if I landed a job in SF or the East Bay. A couple weeks after moving in I was offered this contract position that was South of SF by the airport. Even though I knew this commute would be a nightmare (the Bay Bridge can be a real SOB), I couldn't say no and it was potentially only going to be a 3-month long contract. Fast-forward a year and I'm still trying to understand how 20 miles can sometimes take two hours to drive when there are no wrecks to be seen. Even though I do work from home a couple times a week, a commute like that can really do a number on your mental health, so when I landed a job with an amazing company on this side of the bay with a focus on writing and editing (vs solely editing), I emphatically nodded my head YES!

So there it is, folks. I'm starting a new job on Monday.

I'm so excited for a new adventure, and one that doesn't involve packing up my stuff and moving, no less!

But while we're on the subject..

I'm getting a new roommate in two weeks!

But more on that later. What's new in your life?


  1. Congrats on your new job! A new adventure!! How exciting ♥

  2. Congratulations on your new job adventure -- that is great that you won't have to make that awful commute any more!

  3. Oh wow! Congratulations on the new job and on the new roommate! Can't wait to hear all about it! And triple cheers for getting rid of that commute!

  4. Oh wow! Congratulations on the new job and on the new roommate! Can't wait to hear all about it! And triple cheers for getting rid of that commute!

  5. well hot damn go you!!!!! (and a new playlist, win for me) ps. can we maybe play during the days of the 21-24th of oct?!

  6. I just am so obsessed with you I could read this all day. Now let's get you on some awesome programs :)


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