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Weekend Things

I don't know about you guys, but my last weekend of summer was pretty great.

I'm kind of exhausted, and I might have eaten 5x the recommended daily caloric intake for three days straight, but it was incredible. Friday my BFF at work brought me champagne and dairy-free chocolate/pumpkin truffles to devour for my last day.

Saturday morning Eva, Chad and I headed to Pie Ranch to do some manual labor on the farm before square dancing the night away in the barn. No joke. We weeded, mulched and tended to pear trees on this organic, socially responsible farm in Pescadero and then we do-si-do'd with a bunch of strangers until we were covered in sweat. We camped in Half Moon Bay that night and drove to Monterey for a whale watching tour the following morning.

I was stoked to see whales, but I had no idea I was also going to see seals, bright orange jellyfish, sunfish and approximately 345,678 dolphins in addition to the ginormous whales flapping their tails at us. If you ever find yourself in Monterey, I highly recommend checking out Randy's Whale Watching trips (and bring a jacket even if it's 100 degrees out on shore; it gets cold out there!).

Seriously, guys. This has been one of the most epic summers of my life.

How did you spend your last summer weekend?


  1. dairy free chocolate pumpkin truffles??? I AM JEALOUS!

  2. You always know just how to make me jealous of the amazing ways you live life. My weekend? Glasses and pajamas and puzzles. It was even over 80 degrees outside and a once-a-year street festival came and went. I guess you'll have to come show me how to live again.

  3. I spent my last summer weekend recovering from jet lag - ha! :)

  4. That sounds like such an awesome weekend! I spent it working... Glad you had fun! Whale watching sounds like a lot of fun :)


  5. My last summer weekend was actually my birthday weekend! I threw an jazz themed party on Saturday and cooked for 17 people. Then Sunday (my actual birthday) I relaxed and went to a Mary Kay party.

    I've always wanted to go whale watching. It will happen one day, especially now that I live in the PNW and now make a normal person salary!

    Everything is better with champagne.


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