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OM Cake

My super cute yogi friend's birthday was over the weekend, so I decided to try my hand at a yoga-themed birthday cake. I had never used fondant before, but it's kind of the best thing ever. It may not taste like the best thing ever, but when it comes to fashioning om symbols for the tops of cakes, I can think of no better way. 

Here's what I used:
A box of yellow cake mix (nothin' fancy here)
Vanilla frosting
Blue and red gel food coloring
White fondant (found in the cake section at Safeway)
Cake pan
Cooling rack
Rolling pin
Powdered sugar
Sharp knife
First I baked the cake per the directions on the back of box (rocket science, I know) and let it cool on my new handy dandy cooling rack. While it cooled I started playing with the red and blue dye mixing it with the icing until I found a muted purplish blue color. Then I started playing with the fondant.
I had way too much fun playing with this playdough-like substance. I molded a fish, my sous chef molded a little Gumby-like man in downward dog and eventually once it was kneaded well enough, I sprinkled powdered sugar on a cutting board and rolled it out with a rolling pin. Once it was about 1/8 inch thick, I freehanded my om symbol with a knife. If that's not your jam, I'm sure printing the design out and indenting the outline before cutting would work just as well.
I then iced the cake as smoothly as I could and squealed a lot as I scooped the fondant off the cutting board with a thin spatula and placed it on the wet icing
Then I went out into the yard to take pictures of it, naturally. Also I have like a pound of fondant left and I'm not sure what to do with it. Any dessert decorating requests? 

I can't stop with this song.


  1. My birthday is at the end of the month. I'll take one om cake, please.

  2. My crazy crafty lovely friend!!!!

  3. i will take one harry potter themed cake in april. okay thanks :)

  4. Dang, that's some awesome free handing skill, girlfriend. Since everyone else is putting in orders, I'll take a Disney princess cake, please. K, thanks!


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