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How to picnic like a champ

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I know the concept of picnicking is pretty complicated for most people, so let me break it down for you. Here are the essential steps for ultimate picnic ownage:

Step 1: Go to Safeway and buy all the things, and by all the things I mean: pretzel crisps, hummus, turkey, bread, condiments, bell peppers, purple carrots (because why not?), salami, goat cheese brie, fruit and sweet tea (if you're a former southerner like myself, otherwise wine. Better yet, both!).
Step 2: Scout out a rad location. This one just so happens to be less than a quarter mile from my house and has sweet views of the Bay.
Step 3: Make epic turkey sandwiches (or have a boy do it for you). 
Step 4: Chop up fruits and veggies and package them up in VacuCraft containers.
Step 5: Vacuum seal said containers for freshness and fun pumping action.
Step 6: Spread out a blanket and stuff your face.
Step 7: Guard the goods from hungry beagles.
Step 8: Take lots of photos. Obviously.
My first California apartment had lots of things I miss: my own bathroom, lots of grass for Ziggy to pee in, plenty of parking spaces, wooden floors. That place owns so many of my first memories of this place, but my second apartment? This one will stick with me forever. Quirky neighbors, mysterious carpet stains, yappy dogs and so many beautiful things surrounding me. Loving roommates, cool bars just a Lyft away, a tiny, grungy kitchen perfect for packing picnics and gorgeous views to stuff my face in front of.

These VacuCraft containers are kind of amazing too. The other day I threw away tomatoes, a (disgustingly furry) cucumber and almost a whole container of strawberries, so I'm pretty stoked about this vacuum sealed goodness Made with Tritan plastic (kind of like glass except I can't break it). You know you're becoming an adult when you get legitimately excited about food storage. I kind of like it. 

Be sure to check out Eastman Tritan on Faceboook and Twitter!


  1. i'm coming to california so you can take me on a picnic. okay thanks bye.

  2. Us Cali's are freakin' spoiled with amazing views and loads of great hiking trails. You can live in the same city for years upon years & still find a new side of a mountain to take your breath away!

  3. I can't wait until it's nice enough in Chicago to do stuff like picnics! The little cheese platter looks yummy.

  4. This looks diviiiiine (praise hands)! Love those containers.


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