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My hair is gone & other weekend adventures

First let me address the elephant, or peacock, in the room -- I chopped off 10 inches of my hair.
It was a last-minute decision, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet and I got a lot of reactions at work this morning. More on that later, but for now let's talk about my second last-minute decision of the weekend..

Lucky for me, I found someone who likes spontaneous adventures and wine as much as I do (someone besides Ziggy, I mean), so we headed out to Buena Vista winery where the dogs are loved more than the humans.
We stayed at an Airbnb place with a horse and chickens out back. Turns out Ziggy is more afraid of cats than gigantic horses. Turns out I'm more afraid of horses than everything else.
The rest of the weekend was spent pondering, hand-s(t)anding and watching Ziggy roll around in dead crabs on the beach.

How was your weekend?

PS: I was nominated for best "Savvy Single" blog over on My So-Called Chaos--go vote for me here!


  1. I just cut my hair off as well so I am digging the short hair look!

  2. I always think that I'll cut all of my hair off, until I see the scissors, so good for you!! also this last minute wine vacation looks like so much fun. I'm pretty jealous....

  3. I love it! Your hair looks beautiful! I've always wanted to cut my hair short, but I just don't have the courage yet. Maybe someday!

  4. I just cut off 15" for Locks of Love this weekend too! Yay to short hair! Literally such a weight off. I want to go to wine country so bad, I'm hoping to go this May. How was your experience with the people at the Airbnb place?

  5. I love your hair so much! Is it weird if I take your head with me to the salon to have mine trimmed back up to your length?! Lol. I donated to Children With Hair Loss last year and have kept the short hair since then!

  6. Ha ha staying at a bnb with an unphotographed "someone" definitely shouts Savvy Single to me ;) jk, lol, loves !! You're gorgeous!

  7. Your hair looks so good! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend :D

  8. Your hair is beautiful! I keep threatening to chop mine. I think you had the right idea - don't plan it! I always talk myself out of it. So cool for SPRING!

  9. love the hair cut!! Something I always THINK about doing but never actually do! I'm happy when I manage to cut 4 inches off haha.


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