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I confess..

I flicked someone off while driving to work the other morning. I'm usually a very peaceful, passive person, but when it comes to the hellish Bay Bridge at 8:30am, I go into full-on rage mode and not in a good way.

I listened to this song about 18 times in a row. I've also listened to this one a stupid amount of times. I'm not usually repeat-song offender, but..I'm also not usually a road-rager. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

While taking photos for this post, I apparently rubbed my hair in tree sap and it was still in there a week later.

Speaking of hair, before chopping it all off, it had been over a year since my last haircut.

I think I officially decided it was time to cut it when I dropped my phone (very loudly I might add) next to the toilet and came dangerously close to dipping the ends into the toilet bowl while trying to retrieve it.

My stylist kept calling me "little bird." I'm not sure what that means, but I liked it.

I am donating my hair, but I haven't yet because I don't have a printer or an envelope, so chances are I'm bringing a creepy ass Ziplock full of human hair to my office as you read this.

My dog just farted directly onto my adorable ABM planner.

I'm running a half marathon in two weeks and the farthest I've run since the 10k has been 6 miles.

I pulled out four grey hairs the other night. FOUR. 

I might've bought wrinkle cream shortly afterward. 

That's all I've got. Go link up with Melissa.


  1. I WANT AN ABM PLANNER! Putting that on my necessities list.
    Also, you have an incredible amount of photos of your short hair in such a short time! My game is weak. I was scrolling through my phone photos for something to put on my blog this week and found only a forgotten gem of me drunkenly cackling while videoing the guys climbing a balcony and breaking into *their own place* at 3:30am two weekends ago. We made it home by 5am. I'm blaming the lack of phone photos since then on Recovery.

  2. My pretty little road ragey bird! I loves your hair and I loves that Ziggy, no matter how flatulent!

  3. LOL oh zigs. such a man. i love love love the new hair cut. I've always wanted a boyfriend to call me little bird since i saw that aaron paul calls his wife that and i think it's adorable but how creepy is that for me to be like "hi call me little bird thanks"

  4. The new haircut is too cute! I have gotten tree sap in my hair before and it was awful to get out, so good luck! My dogs like to fart on things too. They also like to fart right next to you then leave the room.

  5. You already know my feels over the hair. So many kitty heart eye emojis! I loveeee little bird. I want to be called that from now on.


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