Nate Ruess "Nothing Without Love" | One To Nothin'

Nate Ruess "Nothing Without Love"


I am nothing without love

I'm but a ship stuck in the sand

Some would say that I'm all alone

But I am, I'm nothing without love

I wanna hold her in my arms

She feelin' alone, she feelin' sad

I would take credit for what's wrong,

But I am, I'm nothing without love

Three years at sea after the storm

And this sinking ship that love put me on

God, I wish a gust of wind would come

And carry me home

But I, I got nowhere to go

Now I hear you sharp with the force of a wave

So I said myself I'm headed for the Empire State

Hey hey, I don't wanna lose this one

She made me feel whole, you know

I am, I'm nothing without love

Nate Ruess

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