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sandwich thieves

Friday night my sandwich was stolen. 

There was a rowdy game of corn hole going down in the middle of the bar, I was sipping on a gross chocolate/raspberry beer situation, I was super hungry and I hadn't even taken a first bite of the hot fried chicken skin BLT sitting on the picnic table in front of me. I looked away, and suddenly it was gone. Vanished. I'm still processing. Mulling over the thoughts and general not-coolness that would go into jacking someone's hot and ready sammy right out from under them.

One day, perhaps I will heal, but for now I must forge on. I tried to drink away the pain with red wine but then I got hit in the head with a bean bag. I did win a game, however, and eventually dominated a burrito at a different establishment, but that sandwich will forever hold a place in the unsated part of my mind. The rest of the weekend was all about spending time outdoors. A farmers market, a group hang at Dolores Park, delicious sushi and an all-day Napa wine tasting extravaganza with a bunch of cool cats.

I even had my very first book club meeting with Plucky Reads and it was pretty incredible. We read and discussed "Where'd You Go, Burnadette?" (which was hilarious--you should read it) and we're taking suggestions for next month's book selection. Who's interested? Click here. Also click here to see who won $25 to the Mint Julep Boutique.

How was your weekend? Anyone steal your food?


  1. Fortunately, I only stole my husband's leftover pizza in the fridge....sooo HE was the one who was in a huge uproar. I know, bad wife points. He was even more confused when I was eating a slice of cold pizza at 8am with my coffee. One would think I'm pregs with a move like that. HA. "Where'd You Go, Burnadette" is also on my to-read list!! I've only heard amazing things about it!

  2. "My sandwich? MY SANDWICH?!" bitches...

    also you had an infinitely better weekend than I did!

    also also, i read that book and LOVED it. It was laugh out loud funny. so good.

  3. That's such bullshit! I don't think I've ever had my food stolen, but I'm sure I've stolen someone's pizza by the slice a time or two

  4. It was me, I stole your sandwich. You have to come to Portland to get it. (Jk it's my turn to come see you!!!)


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