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DIY Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash

If you saw this photo on Instagram, then you already know how awesome my sister Britni is, but yesterday was her birthday so I figured this would be the perfect time to debut her epic Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash she threw for her best friend, Anna, last month. I watched her create all of these amazing decorations by hand via Snapchat along the way and I had major FOMO when the  day came around. Let's just say there was a lip sync battle and there's no way she's not planning my 30th four years from now. Sorry, Brit, but I expect smiley poos everywhere.
She molded these cake toppers out of clay and painted them. Also, surprise: there's a rainbow layer cake under that frosting (kind of like this one!).
Balloon clusters for centerpieces. I love this idea. She's kind of a centerpiece champion (check out this one and this one).
 Lipstick so guests could kiss the birthday girl's 20s goodbye. And gold animals because duh.
 Honestly, you can never have too many smily poos.
She made a gold photo backdrop so folks could pose with these amazing DIY pinatas. Is anyone else ready to place an order for that lipstick number?
Birthday girl gettin' at it.
Seriously, I need these in my room.
Taste the rainbow!
 Signage and jumpsuit game on fleek.
 Gold animal straw-cessories.
And streamers, streamers and more streamers.

She's a boss, right? Check out her bridal shower here, Thanksgiving tablescape here and baby shower centerpieces here. Go follow her on Instagram and bug her about starting an Etsy shop! In the meantime, email her at if you'd like any of these goodies for your next soiree.


  1. So, I'm getting married in about a year. Let's get this Etsy shop started pronto.

  2. OMGGGGGG that looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! i turn 30 next year. i have to do this :)

  3. Can she do 26th birthdays too?! So awesome!

  4. Wow!!!!!! Can I come?!? This party looks crazy amazing!!!!


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