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DIY Wooden Centerpieces

I've mentioned a time or two how insanely talented my sister Britni is around these parts (like in this post), but I figured it was about time to flaunt her creative genius once again. Every year for Thanksgiving she decorates the long, awkwardly placed table in the living room (and every year I stand around pretending to help while munching on walnuts and making jokes about the phallic gourds). This is my first Thanksgiving away from home (these are not tears. shut up.), and I needed to share in the festivities some how, so I thought why not blog about my sister's beautiful and under-publicized table decorations? And that brings us here. If you're a procrastinator and you happen to have some wood and a 1 1/2" flat spade bit lying around, then let's do this dance!
This is what my parents' garage looks like. What you can't see are all the giant wolf spiders that Ziggy likes to rip the legs off of before rubbing her face in. You also can't see my My Size Barbie. Her name is Michelle.
 This is a 1 1/2" flat spade bit apparently (this is not my specialty as demonstrated by this post).
Set the piece of wood rounded side down and drill three 2" deep holes into the flat side in a zig-zag pattern. Be sure to drill straight down from above so the candles will lie flat despite the curves of the surface/not drip wax/not set the house on fire. Then stick tea light candles in the holes.
For the utensils, Britni wrapped them in plain white paper napkins and used rafia to tie bows around them. Simple and adorbz.
Finally, get crazy with the nuts, oranges, apples, awkwardly shaped gourds and wheat stalks. 

What do your Thanksgiving centerpieces look like? And more importantly, how cool is my sister?

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


  1. I really, really like this - great idea!!!!!!!!! xo - chels @

  2. So flippin cute. Thank goodness for creative family members - I like the idea of day drinking and gourd jokes.

  3. This is really cool, I've never seen a DIY like this!!

  4. I'm in love with this DIY! Creative family members are the best.

  5. What a great idea! Super cute.


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