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One to Nothin: Fall 70s Dress and Boots
Dress: c/o SheIn / Boots: Lucky / Socks: Urban Outfitters
One to Nothin: Fall 70s Dress and Boots
One to Nothin: Fall 70s Dress and Boots
One to Nothin: Fall 70s Dress and Boots
One to Nothin: Fall 70s Dress and Boots

The times they are a changin’.

But really, time changes are the weirdest. I don’t know what to do with myself. The mornings have been nice considering I’ve been waking up before 6am almost every weekday for the past month anyway, but an afternoon photoshoot should not be this dark and creepy, even if it is in a cemetery. It’s not for certain, but there’s a good chance this blog post is brought to you from the other side right now. Look at those blurry ghost hands, and I didn’t even include the creepiest blurry face shots, so you’re welcome.

Ghostliness aside, let’s talk about this outfit. This dress is my favorite style, hands down. I bought a very similar one in blue at my first-ever Nordstrom Rack experience a few weeks ago and this red/orange one came from SheIn and it's under $30. The flowy, boho bod + ‘70s style sleeves and unique back cutout make me so happy. I wore the blue version with cowboy boots for line dancing (for serious, if you’re ever in need of a line dancing facility, The Saddle Rack in Fremont is your place) and for this autumnal ensemble, I opted for long, lacy socks and my new Lucky riding boots -- it’s finally cool enough to wear them! You will be seeing these bad boys on heavy rotation in the coming weeks.

I could see this dress paired with delicate, strappy sandals and a top knot, or with ankle booties, a statement fur vest and loose waves. I imagine I’ll be trying both in the near future, and while we’re on the subject of loose waves -- look how long my hair is! Remember this pic? It feels like just yesterday I was battling the world’s worst ombre that refused to get out of my life, and now here I am with a very dark lob situation, emphasis on the ‘lo.’ Now the question is, to keep growing or not to keep growing? Thoughts?

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  1. did you say first ever nordys rack experience?! and you just now found zara too?! mind blown.

  2. Oh my. You are just too pretty for words.

    I've still never been to a nordstrom's rack. This needs to change.

  3. Wish there was a Nordstrom Rack closer to me, although that might be dangerous! Loving this look, your hair looks absolutely amazing!


  4. such a cute dress! You're adorable!




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