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October Goals

Fall Pumpkins

Happy October, friends! I'm late to the game because I'm trying to do big, happy, healthy things around here revolving around fitness, friends, music and creativity. I've got big plans for this month, this blog and this life of mine. As I mentioned here, there are some big changes going on for the gal behind One to Nothin'. Not only did I just start a new (very different, but awesome) job but I also gained a new roommate (who I just so happen to be dating), and with change comes adjustment and occasionally ugly cries in the car because it's placebo week, your phone won't work and you're hungry (hypothetically..). As I strive for balance, I'm setting goals and hopefully they're not the kind that I post on my blog and forget about (that happens a little too often). Here goes.

 + Make the most out of my ClassPass subscription. I've mentioned in passing that I've been Classpassing it up ever since Jessi introduced me way back in the day. I started with a 10-day free trial thinking I'd be over it by day 10, but 10 classes later I was hooked. I haven't looked back since (I started in May). For those of you who are unfamiliar, ClassPass is a service available in many major cities that allows members to try a variety of group exercise classes at tons of studios in your area (and other areas when you're traveling as well). The only stipulation is you can only do three classes at the same studio in one month, but considering how many studios offer classes to ClassPassers, this has not once been an issue for me. I've tried everything from ballet-style barre to Crossfit-style bootcamps to twerktastic dance classes to foamrolling classes. I will sing praises of ClassPass any day of the week to anyone who will listen, but the point is while it's a great deal, it's still a little investment each month and there has been a week here and there where I didn't take full advantage. This month I aim to do 5 classes a week. They don't all need to be #HAM workouts, sometimes they'll be flexibility classes or relaxing yoga, but Monday through Friday, it's go time. (see prices for your city here. Surprise: mine's the most expensive). Oh and if you need some exercise motivation, read this post.

 + Write about my concert habit. While reuniting with my girls in Vegas who I hadn't seen in years, some of the feedback from my social media presence was, "All you do in California is go to concerts, right?" It's true. Live music makes me happier than pretty much anything else in the world. In the past I worked for a music news website (that's now unfortunately defunct), and haven't done much music writing since. Sometimes I talk about my obsession with Nate Ruess, you can read about Outside Lands 2015 (2014 and 2013) and I often throw playlists at you guys, but I want to start covering my live music experiences in a bit more detail. Some of you may not be interested, but knowing me there's bound to be some misadventure that goes along with it and story time will go on as usual. I'm off to an Intimate Evening with Milo Greene tonight at the Swedish American Hall in SF in case anyone else is interested. Tickets are on sale here and I hope to tell you guys about it tomorrow. If you've never heard of Milo Greene, listen to this song.

 + More fashion and food posts! Fall fashion is pretty much the best thing ever, so expect to see flannel, blanket scarves and my new riding boots (!!) around here. Also, apples, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and all sorts of squash are some of my favorite things to cook and bake with. I may or may not have bought caramel for caramel apples the other day and yes, you can expect to see metallic sprinkles on them.

 + Make my apartment more homey. I mentioned here that I finally have a couch and tv in my living room again, and now that I know I'm staying put for a while, I want to invest more time in making my home cozy and pretty. I hope to finish my gallery wall this month, give you guys a little apartment tour and throw a few DIY projects around.

 + Make a badass Halloween costume and find a legit costume party to attend. Last year my skull t-shirt cut-out DIY just wasn't up to par.

 + No alcohol. This is a hard one. Not because I'm an alcoholic, but because another ongoing goal I have is to nurture my relationships, and my friends like to drink as much as I do. Here's the thing, drinking is fun for a few hours but that's it. I only remember the fun, outgoing feels I have while intoxicated, but the truth is it makes me feel gross, unhealthy and regretful the next day when I'm lying in bed, eating junk food, not working out or exploring nature or accomplishing any of the other big-picture goals I have for myself. Moderation is a real, valid, wonderful thing that a lot of people can handle and lately it seems like I'm not one of them. My goal this month is to cut it out. Maybe next month I'll be fine with a 2-drink maximum, but for now it's cold turkey. Get it? Cuz it's fall? Anyway..

 + Plan to execute a super fun, exciting and semi-terrifying challenge for everyone to participate, connect and enjoy next month with one of my best bloggy friends, Sarah. EEK! More details to come soon!

 + Read a photography book, complete at least two webinars and use my cute ass planner I just got. I need to hone my skillz, y'all.

What are your goals this month? Please share!

 PS: Advertise with One to Nothin' in October and let me pimp your blog/biz out! See options here. Giveaways? Linkups? I'm all for it. Let's do this.


  1. I love fall fashion too! I look forward to seeing your posts!

    xo, Liz

  2. Happy fall adventures coming your way, how awesome! Totally with you 100% on alcohol. I cut it out entirely for something like a month or two and after that it was a strict 2 drink max for a really long time, and it was SO great. Now I only go past that every once in a while, and when I explicitly give myself "permission" to, and it's so much easier to feel good about drinking socially. I can't wait to hear more about this endeavor with Sarah! Good luck this October :)

  3. Yes yes yes! I tried to cut out alcohol until vacation in 3 weeks. I lasted 4 days. Womp womp. But I've been working out every day so there's that! Love your goals, lady! And can't wait for our big reveal!!

  4. Sounds like you are going to have a great fall! I think the no alcohol thing is awesome. Good luck!

  5. Something about a pumpkin candle that instantly makes your place more homey. Try it out! It works every time.

    Anita :: www.theaveragegirlchronicles.com

  6. I definitely need a kickass costume this year too! I still can't figure out what... other than re-using last year's...

  7. Oh man. I always love your posts. I have a couple of these on my list too. The drinking alcohol part sucks but it's totally doable. I won't lie. I miss having a good beer or drinking some whiskey but since I can't, I find other things. I've discovered I love chai tea. And I also love seltzer sodas. Plus virgin daiquiris and Pina coladas are awesome.

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