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Weekend Things

I took a lot of photos of Ziggy this weekend, as you may have noticed. I'm not sure if I got a chance to fill you guys in, but for the past two months I've been without furniture. Our sad little living room had nothing but a TV stand we found on the side of the road (without a TV) and a mismatched (mostly broken) coffee table. Oh, and like four deflated air mattresses. Now that I'm thinking about it, we probably should've just inflated the air mattresses and had dance parties every day, but I digress. On Sunday everything turned around. Our apartment now has a couch for the sausage to sleep on, a large screen TV (and Chromecast -- what up, PLL?), the beginnings of a promising gallery wall and hand-painted Halloween decorations. Starting Thursday I'll even have a new roommate of the male species and Ziggy will have some adjusting to do as far as sharing the bed goes. I'll keep you updated on how the apartment and living-with-a-dude-for-the-first-time situations progress.

How was your weekend?


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