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Mold & Skulls

Shirt: DIY/ Shorts: AE / Turbin: Jenn's ;) / Necklace: INPink

While procrastinating the whole packing process, I decided to get a little creative with my old work shirt after seeing these cool skull cut out shirts on Pinterest (I think mine kind of looks like the Cheshire Cat). Because clearly it makes more sense to create fun new shirts from the old ones I would've otherwise given away right before having to fit my life into my car. 

Anyway, yesterday was my last day working my job at the magazine. Everything is suddenly getting pretty real now that I have officially left both of my jobs, gotten my car all fixed up and had a going away party. It's only natural that I would put off the packing process and be way distracted. 

Exhibit A: I woke up five minutes before I needed to leave for my last day of work, so I barely had time to get dressed let alone find a real breakfast, so I grabbed a Nutrigrain bar from a cabinet. I ripped it open, took a bite and ran out of the door. As I started to lock said door I noticed it tasted funny, so I looked down at the bar only to see that it was covered in a green, fuzzy mold. Cut to me violently spitting chewed up Nutrigrain all over the porch and sprinting to the sink to dry heave while forcing sink water down my throat. It. Was. Disgusting. I don't think I'll ever look at a granola bar the same way again. 

And speaking of being distracted, for the next couple days I will be saying my last farewells to friends and family, forcing myself to pack and letting some super duper awesome people take over the whole blogging thing for me. Expect some funny, beautiful, insightful and adventurous posts by some of my favorite bloggers, friends and family members. So show them some love and if you start missing me too much, check me out on InstaGram ---> @mackensieg because you know I'll be posting selfies in every state we drive through.

PS: I heard a rumor that a pudgy beagle might be making an appearance tomorrow..

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  1. That's an awesome shirt! I wish it was warm enough here in WI to wear one of those! :)

  2. LOL at the nurtigrain story. Who knew granola bars could even GROW mold?! I thought those things were good for at least ten years.

  3. i've never seen a cuter badass. like for real.

  4. Haha it DOES look like that cat! But still super cool.

  5. That's a cute shirt! I've never been good with DIY.. but maybe I should give it a try.

  6. A moldy granola bar?! I would die. Just, die.


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