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What I wore

Shirt: Billabong / Sweater: Free People / Flats: Target / Scarf: SF street vendor / Leggings: Target

As I was loading these pictures and thinking of something sweet to say about fall, I got distracted by the status of one of my Facebook friends. She made me aware that there is an "other" section of the Facebook message inbox, so I obviously checked it immediately. I saw 99+ and knew it was going to be good. I'm the kind of person that constantly has at least 600+ unread emails in the ole inbox and I just counted 19 friend requests chillin' up in that pervasive blue bar, but those were conscious decisions. I saw those and chose to ignore them, this is different. These are internet creepers all across the interwebz who didn't even get so much as an eyeroll from me for the past year (at least) when this change came into fruition. 

I'm the sort of social media lover that sometimes stays up late wracking my brain trying to understand what compels droves of people to comment on a mega-viral photo/video where their voices couldn't possibly be heard anyway, or why the eff anyone would want to waste life on a game about candy where you don't actually even get to eat candy. But all this doesn't even compare to the strange out there sending messages to people they don't know, like:

"I seen your looking for a job, call me," um, I don't know you and you can't spell--I will be taking my writing degree elsewhere, thank you. "Please vote for me," nope, just on principle I will not. "Makenzie!! How r u?" you had to at least glance at my name before writing this message. Is it really that hard to copy the spelling? Come on, now. "Hey, ;) can I add you?" No, sir, you cannot. But hey, at least you were polite enough to ask. Those other 19 creepers just went ahead and did it without permission and for that they are doomed to rot in my Facebook limbo forever.

While this is certainly not the direction I thought this post was headed, I'm now super curious as to whether you lovely people knew about this mysterious "other" section on FB? What kind of creepy messages do you have hiding in there? Maybe I'll actually pull it together next Wednesday and talk about fall fashion or something, but in the meantime how great are these leaves?

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  1. I just ventured into this unknown section of my inbox and found a message saying, "You very beautyful, you VERY beautyful." Yes, beautiful with Y's. This is my soulmate, right?

  2. i refer to that as my facebook purgatory. where they will sit and never be added, but can never ask to add me again either.

  3. Ha, I will be checking that part of my facebook ASAP. That's too funny. Also, loving your sweater! Free People wins, every time.


  4. I did not know about the other section on my FB messages, but apparently I'm lucky, the only messages I found in there were invitations to college club events from 3 years ago!

  5. So I decided to give this a look-see and, hilariously, the first message in my "other" folder was from.... YOU. hahaha
    I never even knew you sent me a message. ahahahaha. Oh, the irony. #creeperstatus


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