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The dirty deets

Hopefully I will be able to jack all the photos from my mom's nice camera in the near future, but for now let's have an iPhone photo dump, shall we? 
Tuesday night after work, I paced around my apartment in anticipation of my redeye flight from San Francisco into Newark, NJ at midnight. I got to the airport roughly two and a half hours early where I chose to partake in the world's shoddiest panini and tiniest cappuccino, eventually boarding the plane for a sleepless 5-hour ride. This flight included gassy passengers and a chick in the middle seat who didn't say a word to me but did turn off my reading light and closed my window for me. Such a sweetheart. Upon arrival, Doc shot me ahead three hours and it was go time. I found my family's gate and tackled them as soon as they got off the plane (from Florida) and we were off to break my month-long alcohol hiatus as soon as possible. Boom. 
Wednesday was my brother Drew's birthday. In honor of the old man we took chocolate cake shots, drank white Russians Big-Lebowski style and ate at the Famished Frog in Morristown, NJ. Some how I managed to stay awake and avoid a hangover despite spending a month's worth of groceries at the hotel bar. I'd call that a successful first night of vacation.
Thursday we hit up New York City and I very hesitantly agreed to take a guided tour with the fam (THIS happened last time I took a tour with these guys). Luckily Robert was nowhere to be found and we got to sit on the top of a double decker site seeing bus. We traveled around the city and got off to explore the Museum of Natural History where we saw lots of awesome dinosaur bones and a whale exhibit. I also took a stroll through Central Park and skipped around pretending I was in an episode of SATC. We then went to the rehearsal dinner where we enjoyed some incredible Italian cuisine with some incredible friends, and the rest of Thursday night is a story for another day, my friends. 
Friday was the wedding day! There was lots of love, delicious food, libations, a candy bar and a photo booth complete with dress up items (my favorite was the turkey hat). It was pretty fantastic. There was also live music and dancing (proof provided here). I don't have photos of the bride and groom because I was too busy over serving myself, I guess. Trust me, they looked awesome.
Saturday we ventured into the city again where we took the ferry to float past the Statue of Liberty and some last minute decisions ended with me in Times Square purchasing tickets to my very first broadway musical, Phantom of the Opera, with this guy. I spent my last night in NYC drinking red wine out of a sippy cup watching a BROADWAY PLAY. I was psyched out of my mind. Basically I had a super ridiculously awesome trip and I just needed to brag about it. That is all.

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  1. so were you a light weight after not drinking for a month or was it just like riding a bike?!


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