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Shenanigans caught on tape

I'm back from the dream that has been the past five days. I'm a little depressed that it's over, and I've been looking at the photos and videos I collected during my time reunited with my family in the Big Apple constantly. I even made a compilation video complete with Rose getting her dance on.

I felt like photos wouldn't be enough. After going five months without seeing my siblings and a couple since the last time I saw my parents, I knew these days were going to fly by at a ridiculous pace. Those I-missed-the-crap-out-of-you feelings mixed with the gross mushy ones that come along watching one of your favorite people marry the love of his life and the exciting-yet-terrifying butterfly ones that come from seeing a certain new face that makes you smile (around the 2-minute mark) all combined to make me lip sync to Frank Sinatra, maybe do a little drunk crying, but mostly just feel super grateful to be surrounded by awesome people.

Maybe it'll make you feel all the feels, too.

More deets to come tomorrow.
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  1. I like your "shenanigans caught on tape" I have been wanting to capture more moments on video. I may have to do that for my upcoming trip.

    New to your blog! :)

  2. certain new face that makes you smile <--- i am intrigued.

  3. I'll be in New York on Monday. Basically you're my New York Hype. So thank you so much!


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