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Pumpkin pasta nom nom nommm

One day my roommate brought home a couple jars of pumpkin pasta sauce from Costco, so after peeing my pants from severe excitement, I decided to try it out. I was in a particularly frantic mood that night. I was probably hangry, but I grabbed the only meat I could find (#TWSS) and it just so happened to be beer brats. So after spaztastically spilling sauce everywhere and undercooking angel hair pasta (seriously? I didn't even know that was possible), I thoroughly enjoyed my beer flavored pasta 'sghetti despite my aversion to brewskis. That's why I decided to kick it back oldschool style and give you guys a recipe--pumpkin spaghetti done right this time. For those of you who are new around here, it used to be kind of a normal thing for me to cook and write about it, but this habit took a long hiatus for reasons I will discuss at a later date (it's going to be a doozy).
Let's be honest though, there's nothing to this recipe except buying this pumpkin pasta sauce.. whatever, I'm taking credit. 
Throw ground beef into a skillet and toss it around until it's brown (fun fact: I once Googled "How do you brown ground beef?" *facepalm*). Then add things like mushrooms, onions, garlic powder and salt. Add the pumpkin sauce and boil pasta to the point where it doesn't stick together when you fish one out with a fork. 
Oh, and don't forget to eat a raw noodle or two. It's tradition. Extra points if you haven't showered from your workout and you still choose to photographically document it. BOOM. Treat yo' self to some pumpkin pasta while sitting in your filth watching "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

What's your favorite pumpkin recipe? Tell me stories!


  1. eating the raw noodles is a must or you can't have the rest of your dinner

  2. A raw noodle??? I have never heard this before!
    What does it taste like???
    Britt @ One&20

  3. oh yum, that sauce looks amazing - also who DOESN'T cook in their sweaty work out clothes? Keep it real sister!

  4. Love me some cooking when I haven't even showered yet from the workout!


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