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Boxer briefs.. for chicks.

What was that you said? You want a whole bunch of sweaty selfies all rolled into one big collage? Well that's a weird request, but who am I to deny the people of what they want? 
Fun fact: You can tell if I ran outside that day or not by the skimpiness of my top. AKA I never run outside without a big ole unflattering t-shirt on. Do you guys run in little spandex shorts and sports bras? I've got to say, I do a little unnecessary balking at such scantily clad runners. Don't get me wrong, I don't judge them anywhere near the way dudes judge other dudes for working out topless, but I do think it takes some serious lady balls to run around all nekked-like. I guess the staring is part respect and part jealousy because I never see ladies who are not in top physical shape streaking, I mean running without clothes on, I mean, whatever. And if I did, even more respect actually. That takes even bigger lady balls. I guess what I'm saying is we should all get naked and go running together? 

I don't know, but the point is I'm doing my first mud run on Saturday and I will be wearing Hanes undies made in the style of boxer briefs. Mind you these are, in fact, women's underwear and they are pink argyle patterned, but they are boxer briefs. Yea, sure, I bought them and I'm going to wear them, but that doesn't mean it's okay that there was a high enough demand for women's boxer briefs that Hanes started selling them in pink argyle patterns. Why are these a thing? I can't even find them on the Hanes website. It's like they're embarrassed that they exist and Wal-Mart is the only establishment embracing them, and yet here I am supporting this madness. In my defense, they didn't have any sort of spandex and chances are I will be wearing shorts over them, but who knows? Maybe I'll be feeling saucy on Saturday and straight up cut a penis flap, too (that absolutely won't happen).

Know what else I'll be wearing? A white tiger shirt and the world's ugliest running shoes for mud destroying purposes. It's going to be a blasty blast. Don't pretend like you don't wish you were going to be there to see me make a complete fool out of myself. 

Anywho, here are my workouts from this week. There is a major lack of mileage because I've been a sickling and apparently I'm okay with strength training and not cardio when I feel like bung hole?

Sunday: Sandcastle Workout & Sexy Shoulders
Monday: Ran 4 miles Pura Vida Workout
Tuesday: 3 Moves to Toned Thighs & Bootiful
Wednesday: Stretch & More Stretch & Tough Love Handles (omg)
Thursday: Abs, Love Handles & More Abs

Here's a playlist that came to me when I randomly heard "Little Black Backpack" on the radio the other day and got really, really ridiculously excited. It's a throwback for sure.

Happy Friday!
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  1. Are boxer briefs different than boy shorts? I'm confused. I think you should just rock the pink argyle by themselves. But what do I know . . . I'm one of those girls who runs in a sports bra and norts. It's more incentive to tighten my abs when I run. Or maybe I just sweat a whole bunch and hate clothes.

  2. i own those same undies. well in the black pack that also had white with black polka dots. they are my bedtime shorts.


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