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Things That Have Happened Lately

I'll be honest with you guys, I've been a negative Nancy lately. Several unfortunate things have happened and I think since then I've been emanating negative energy and therefore inviting more unfortunate things to make their way into my life. I think it's time for the cycle to stop, but first let's address them so I can then let them go and concentrate on the positive things that have also happened lately.

Here are some of the sucky things that have happened:

A crazy man harassed me on the very last train Sunday night screaming about how I sprayed chemicals in his face and the Feds were going to get me while following me from one car to the next.

I got off the train and went to the wrong parking lot. My panicked self wandered around in the dark with 5% battery left hoping to find my car before the crazy man found me.

I received two rejection e-mails within 24 hours.

I paid $8 for a mediocre teriyaki chicken bowl.

I cracked my iPhone screen and bruised/scraped my whole body in the process.

Old Betty, my car, got stuck in reverse while I was trying to parallel park and she wouldn't turn back on, so I had to get her towed.

I had to pay about $600 to fix Old Betty.

I had approximately 7 consecutive dreams that my nanny babe started choking while I was watching him.

I had one dream where a man was chasing another man trying to bash his head in with a hammer.

I got hit on by a 17 year old who said, "Damn, you're old.. like, you're a full on adult," when I said, "No, I don't go to your high school, I'm 25."

I heard about Robin Williams committing suicide, which was extremely tragic in itself, but then I heard there were people on this earth who think it's okay to write about how he "didn't die from a disease" but from "his choice" and how he's now going to hell, which made me livid.

Here are some awesome things that have happened lately:

I started a new part-time job at Stitch Fix!

I got to go volunteer at Outside Lands on Saturday and Sunday and therefore got to enjoy several concerts including Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, Death Cab For Cutie, Courtney Barnett, Lykke Li and The Killers for free.

Macklemore absolutely killed it and even played once his time was up. He didn't get mad when he tried to crowd surf and they dropped him, instead he just did it again--successfully that time. He also brought Mary Lambert on for "Same Love" right after he had an adorable lesbian couple get engaged on stage. He's amazing.

I talked with my girl Emma about life for the first time in way too long. It's amazing what having an encouraging, loving best friend can do.

I ate porcini doughnuts and fried chicken and waffles that were worth the money.

I fell even more in love with Brandon Flowers than I already was. Seriously, I couldn't stop thinking about how lucky his wife is and how it must affect her watching him perform. I'm such a creep.

I made strangers play Twister.

I watched a random man run up and take a bite of Emma's pizza.

I'm getting so much closer to finding an apartment, and in the meantime a wonderful family has taken me in.

I might just be going on a spontaneous adventure to meet some of my best friends of the Internetz this weekend (Hiiiii Jessi & Brooke!).

There have been a whole lot of articles since the passing of Robin Williams spreading awareness about the disease that is depression. I hope this will help people who are suffering to seek help and those who are blissfully unaware to understand and have compassion.

Annnnd lastly, I found my new favorite song. Enjoy.


  1. YAYYYYY you're going to visit the betches <3

  2. For all the shitty and all the good, I am so proud of you for waking up each day and doing epic shit like coming to Portland.... and making strangers play twister!

  3. So sorry about all the bad, sad, and scary, but congratulations on the new gig! Super jealous of your Portland adventure too. Hopefully it will be the start of a new string of wonderful happenings :)

  4. Love this post, and I'm sure writing it out made you feel a lot better.
    PS. That song is in my top 5! Alt-Nation had them on yesterday for a mini interview during my road trip - the accents = I melt.

  5. You got a part time job at Stitch Fix?! That is so fun! I think you're awesomes weigh out your negatives buuuut that's an outsiders perspective and I can completely understand why you're down. Hope it all turns around for you real soon

  6. YOU SAW THE KILLERS?!?!! The jealousy abounds because they are right up there tied with Panic! At the Disco for my all time favorite band. <333 Brandon Flowers is just... akljhcehah key smashingly sexy and talented.

    Also I've been jamming so hard to Mary Lambert lately, I love that Macklemore brought her out for Same Love and had the couple get engaged, that's awesome :)

    The negative stuff sucks, but I agree with you - what you put out makes a big difference. The last few days I have had some AMAZING stuff happen, and I still have managed to make there be a dark cloud over it, so I'm ready to change up the attitude as well. Let's do this! :)

  7. the whole "robin is selish" and this and that makes me livid as well. back off everybody. you don't get it.


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