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What I Wore

Shorts: E2 / Sandals: Chinese Laundry / Shirt: Old Navy / Jacket: Mystree

I have this infuriating habit of thinking I can volunteer for everything and figure it out as I go. I want to do everything, but I don't just want to tip toe around the things--I want to somersault into them and land with toes and fingers pointed.

I don't just want to get in shape, I want to take every workout class in the Bay Area while training for a marathon. Screw baking cupcakes for your birthday, I want to bake you a multi-layer cake with a Jell-O mold inside of it. I'm not satisfied with a dinner date before calling it a night, I want to binge watch "Orange Is The New Black" all night afterward while inhaling a giant cup of fro-yo next to said date (or, I don't know, say, go camping in Big Sur for a second date).

And I want to do all of these things while taking a million photos, cooking healthy meals, DIYing everything, networking, freelancing, exploring, happy hour-ing, working 40 hours a week and blogging.

All this to say, I set out to play at Lake Merritt so the Sausage Dog could get some fresh air this weekend and once the sun went down enough to give me mad shivers, it turned into a photo shoot. This guy may not be able to tell the difference between red and green, but turns out he's pretty great behind the camera (and tying v-necks at the rib cage).

Also, turns out I'm far more likely to buy things, like adorable printed shorts and beautiful puppy portraits, at rodeos after drinking wine all day in 90-degree weather. I will be wearing these shorts every day for the rest of the summer though, so I think it was a win.

Happy weekending!

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