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Bay to Breakers Round III

I had a colorful weekend.

Friday night I went to go see "Pitch Perfect 2" because duh, but Saturday we celebrated my friend Michelle's birthday, so naturally an elaborate yet poorly planned cake was in order. I baked layer upon layer so that Emma and I could stick Jell-O formed around a Target gift card and tiny plastic minion in the middle of the cake. Then we decorated the outside of it to look like a minion and just look at that creative Jell-O mold rig up there. Not to mention after meticulously decorating the minion, I shoved it inside a cake box three sizes too small so it was immediately a globby mess instead of a "Despicable Me" character. I'm a genius, ask anybody. Then look at how beautiful that Jell-O looked once Michelle got done raking through it to find her goodies. Who doesn't want minion vomit on their birthday?

Then Sunday was the annual shit show Bay to Breakers race. This was my third one (!!!) and you can check out last year and the year before when I actually made a costume instead of pretending like I ran it while sipping champagne out of a Nalgene bottle and drinking rose out of my Wine2Go. Oh, and occasionally stealing the boy's rainbow afro for weird fashion shows on rooftops. What is life? Seriously though, can you believe some 25 year olds have babies? LOL! And on that note, I'm out.


  1. No joke, watched your snap story Sunday and said to my Portland guest, "MacKensie is such a fun drunk". Haha <3

  2. your snap story was hilar and it made me decide we need to drink together. preferably soon. aka uhm come visit? k thanks :)

  3. well sounds like a good weekend! Did you like the movie? I loved it and laughed so hard. The mingon cake is genius and at least you got a photo before the gobbly mess started


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