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Who let the sheep out? Bah, bah, baaaah

Friday night Emma and I went to Melissa Fleis's fashion show, The NWBLK, in San Francisco and it was amazing. For those unfamiliar, Melissa Fleis is a fashion designer and she was one of the finalists on Project Runway. Free wine, the most delicious mini cupcakes and high fashion made for a wonderful Friday night.
I spent Saturday with my new buddy I babysit for. We goofed around at the mall and she helped me make my sheep costume for Bay to Breakers -- a HUGE 12k race slash costume party in the city. Oh, and I got my new Merrell running shoes in the mail (Thanks, Kimmy!). They are the Barefoot Run Bare Access Arc 2 and so far I love them. That photo on the bottom right is me riding the escalator at BART at 5am. Totally normal.
I met up with my fellow sheep Sunday morning around 6:30am on Sunday and we started keeping count of all the naked people we saw. The race and the costumes were epic. There was music, booze, bubbles, Mexican wrestlers (who ran inside their "ring" the entire time), a huge wolf whose mouth moved when he talked, a school of salmon who ran in the opposite direction of all the runners, tortillas thrown at us, glitter, Buddy the Elf (who ran on top of the row of porter potties) and so, so much nudity. We did not, however, see any other sheep. We "bahhed" at everyone who yelled "GO SHEEP!" or "bahhed" at us first. It was awesome. The 7 mile trek ended at the beach where we dug our toes into the sand and just reflected on how wonderful San Francisco is.
Eventually we found a bus to take us to our other friends who did more partying and less running, and we ate pizza and I devoured many a mini bottle of muscato on rooftops and parks. It was such a cool experience. Probably the most exciting day I've had since moving here. And I'm not even hung over today! I would definitely say this weekend was a success. I have approximately 50 more pictures that I'd like to show the world, but I guess that's what Facebook is for. ;)

I would also like to wish a very happy birthday to my bloggy best friend, Sarah aka the Plucky Picaroon! Have a GLORIOUS day, my friend!

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  1. Fun fun fun! Love that race costume. May reappropriate the idea for the next 10k or 5k I do. :)

  2. Thanks for the bday shoutout, love!
    You are legit the cutest sheep of all time. And you know it's true because I used the word "legit," which is a word that makes all true statements truer. ;)

  3. cheers to not being hungover! i am always impressed when that happens to other people.

  4. SO MUCH NUDITY!! it was insane, right?? that was my first bay to breakers and i've got to say, i think that was the weirdest thing i've ever witnessed. hilarious and tons of fun though!

  5. Sounds like an awesome race! I love your sheep outfits!! How fun :D
    Looks like you had a great weekend!

  6. OMG you're the cutest sheep i have ever seen.
    also - all of your posts just make me want to move to CA.


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