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Things I learned at Bay to Breakers

I learned some pretty important lessons this weekend, the first of which is drinking ridiculously strong margaritas on an empty stomach will result in Rose coming out at full force and let me tell you, Rose does not like taking photos or drinking water. I also learned that when Rose is out, she thinks her name is "Kens." She's wrong. Her name is Rose and she's ridiculous.  Her refusal to eat or drink water results in a very sick Kensie the next day and therefore the rest of my lessons were learned on Sunday at SF's annual Bay to Breakers race.
-When a big bear man reminds you to put sunscreen on because "you white people have to be careful," you listen. Although he should've been there three hours later when I forgot to reapply.
-Dinosaur hats are not only fun but fun-ctional. My face was the only thing that did not turn very red and stingy by the end of the day.
-If your sister buys you blow-up dinosaurs, keep them always. They will come in very handy when you decide to go with a prehistoric theme for a ridiculous outdoor party race.
-Fireball whiskey tastes terrible when added to a mimosa, but it tastes pretty delish coming from a bearded flask.
-SF popos don't like open containers. I didn't know normal laws applied in this city. Good to know. Also good to have a champagne-spiked orange juice bottle with a cap.
-Only the most out of shape and least endowed gentlemen like to do Bay to Breakers naked. Unfortunate, really.
-I like the Little Mermaid much better as a muscular man.
-Shaking a mimosa-filled container is not an effective way of mixing unless you like delicious volcanoes.
-The more mimosas I drink, the less likely I am to whip out my phone and document epic costumes.
-Hand crafting dinosaur costumes is a lot more work than it would seem.
-Golden Gate Park is a great place for afternoon gymnastics.
-I'm not as strong as my alcohol-influenced self might think (I might've dropped someone mid piggy back ride).
-An English term for "put sunscreen on" is "let's cream you up" which I found to be very hilarious.
Man, I love this city. 

What did you learn this weekend?
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  1. CUTE! So happy that you had a great adventure! Love that little mermaid, too. hahaha
    You always have the best pics and outfits!! :)

  2. oh, i would totally cream you up. i mean.....

  3. OMG I'm creaming right now!!!! hahaha

  4. Mimosas, fireball whiskey, and getting creamed up? Sounds like my kinda weekend. Sign me up for the next one! Lol.

  5. can i PLEASE do this with you next year?!


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