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5 Places to Shop for Cute + Affordable Workout Gear

...because we can't all afford lululemon.
I recently joined Classpass, which if available in your city I would highly recommend. I've tried five or six different exercise classes so far just on my street--the ones I've looked at longingly for the past nine months and #firstworldproblems'd at myself for wishing I could afford them. I definitely plan on talking more about Classpass at a later date, but the thing about suddenly having access to expensive, bourgeois pilates/barre/bootcamp classes is I feel like the 8-year-old running shorts and holey-sorority-t-shirts are not going to cut it.

It's not just that I am surrounded by ladies wearing head-to-toe lululemon (although that is a little intimidating), it's also that I don't want to feel constricted by my clothing. I sweat it out on runs in goofy Weird Al concert t-shirts all the time and with the limited range of motion that running requires, it works out just fine, but when it comes to stretching my legs out and up on a bar and pulsing in a squat for 15 minutes, I would like to not be showing my crotch off to the world. But even more than being comfortable in class, I want to not spending $80 on a tank top, so I've been scouting out affordable athletic wear.
I got you, ladies. Here are some of the workout wear collections I've tried or are on sale or are just really cute but don't cost more than the gym itself.

1. Old Navy: In the words of my roommate, "I haven't shopped there since I was 8." Maybe you're in the same boat, but that's where the above outfit (minus bra and shoes) is from. I'm a sucker for sales and the workout collection here is adorable. There are compression capris with built-in key pockets and a million cute patterns, fun graphic tanks, go dry ruched tanks (shown above and great for hiding all the sweat) and tons of cute sweatshirt options. I'm also obsessed with their track pants. I can't vouch for the sports bra selection since I haven't tried it, but if your girls are lower maintenance than mine, you can't beat a $7 sports bra! Right now it's 25% off your online order (no code needed), 20% off clearance with 'JACKPOT' and 50% off all in-store purchases.

2. Target: If you're reading this blog, chances are (unless you're one of my exes creepin') you already know and love Target (#basic). I have a few Champion sweatshirts (seen here) and I wear them any time I go hiking or walking anywhere in the Bay Area--it's bound to get cold as soon as the sun goes down. I think I need this one in every color. More cute capri leggings in all kind of patterns and colors, and I even own a few of their sports bras as well. How cute are these tank tops?! I have to say, the running shorts I've bought here in the past were not my favorite, but I'd be willing to give this pair a try with its compression under-business. I'm not aware of any great sales going on, but you can always get 5% off all purchases with the Target Red Card.

3. Sears: It used to be strictly for washing machines and high-tech blenders, but Sears has done a lot of rebranding in the past few years which means lots and lots of lady clothing love and on the cheap. I didn't even know push up sports bras existed, but this one is $10 and has a lacy back so I kind of want to get in on that. Just $17 for these cute capris and $10 for these running shorts. I could go for about 15 different colors of this sweatshirt too.

4. Kohl's: I'm a big Kohl's fan. It might be because everything seems like it's on sale all the time or the fact that every time I go I leave with a billion dollars in Kohl's cash, but there's a whole section dedicated to workout gear under $10. Get your Nike on here (I NEED THESE), adidas here and you yogis can find your GAIAM gear here (love this!). You can buy online and pick up in store, or get free shipping with $75 purchase. Also, if you're int he store and sign up for the Kohl's charge card you'll tons of extra discounts (and 20% on that day's purchase, if I remember correctly).

5. T.J. Maxx: We all know T.J. Maxx has great deals on designer brands, so why not get your brand name workout gear for cheap? This Reebok tank is $12.99 and you can count me in for tie dye always. Is anyone else lusting over the peek-a-boo details on yoga pants lately? And can I get a YAS for more cool layering tanks? Spend $75 online (skip the scavenger hunt that is trying to make your way through TJ) and get free shipping with the "ship75" code.

Moral of the story: you can find fully functional and cute workout gear without going into mad debt. I've heard of lots of people getting their lulu fixes via eBay! Whatever tickles your fancy.
Where do you guys get your cute athletic wear? Any great ones I missed? Let me know!


  1. Thank you for this! My workout wardrobe is mostly from Target but can always use a little (affordable) variety. (Sorry, I will just never be the kind of person who intentionally spends $100 on pants I will wear when trying to get as sweaty as possible. No.)

  2. Ha-ha Old Navy just got an order from me. This posh studio life is wonderful but I feel you on needing to step up the clothing! :):) Never a bad thing!

  3. Thanks for the tips! I need some cute workout clothes to get me motivated, but I hate to spend a lot of money on something that doesn't get much use haha. (as I'm sitting on my couch watching tv in my oversized sweatpants I bought 7 years ago)

  4. Most of my workout clothes is from Old Navy! Their stuff is great quality for the price. I'm extremely picky with my workout bottoms so when I tried their pants for only $25 and they don't show the outlines of my underwear, I pretty much picked up every piece off the rack, haha. I can't imagine forking out $50+ for workout gear now since discovering the quality of Old Navy!


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