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Weekend Things

These are a few snapshots from this weekend. I spent a lot of time thinking, plotting, not sleeping and, as always, eating over these past few days. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the winds of change are blowin' once again. Maybe it's just those summer vibes making me itch to go somewhere and do something new and fresh and exciting. This sunlight makes me want to go, be, do, play and never stay still. Delicious food, barbecues with new friends, fresh fruit, puppy snuggles and Pinteresty Jell-O shots made a pretty solid start to summer though. And those mimosas? I'll be blogging about them soon. I even put down a blanket and baked in the sun by a lake on Saturday. Things are good, but I have that feeling down deep. The one that's always ready to leap into a new adventure. "Get a passport" is officially on my to-do list and I don't know why or how, but a road trip has to happen soon. I guess you could say I have a vague and perhaps unattainable agenda for the next few months. I plan to take you all along with me, too. Let's go on an adventure, shall we? But first, let's make this week an amazing one.



  1. If that road trip brought you clear across the country to the NY/NJ area, I wouldn't hate it. Just saying.

  2. Road trips are so totally summer to me! I'm sad that I don't have any planned. I need to change that....


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