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Mimosa Diamonds

Friday night I went to bed with JELL-O shots on the brain and woke up with a vision. Usually my Saturday morning visions are focused on one thing and one thing only: bacon. But this time? This time was different. I couldn't shake this feeling that I needed to use the insides of my JELL-O shot vessels (oranges) for the greater good. 
So I made fresh squeezed orange juice diamond cubes for mimosa purposes. Because I'm a philanthropist.
I remembered seeing the seemingly-frivolous-at-the-time diamond ice trays at a boutique where $14-packs of birthday candles and color-blocked disposable forks are sold, and I announced with my fresh-from-sleep man voice that I must have them. I'd been thinking about it for an hour at least and I didn't care if they cost more than 80 lbs of bagged ice from Safeway, I needed diamond cubes stat. Luckily both of the beings listening (the sausage dog and the one who posted this) knew not to argue and I got to scooping out orange halves before getting my paws on this silicone beauty. 
I juiced the orange guts (in the juicer that's been used maybe thrice in the past two years) and froze my cubes.
From there it was just a matter of poppin' some 'paign and letting the diamonds melt into my newly acquired flutes. I'm thinking grapefruit juice next. Or guava! Or peaches! Or diamond JELL-O shots.. The possibilities are endless, really.

Who's buying fancy ice trays this weekend?


  1. Make sure you bring those diamond trays and your ingenious ideas when you come visit.

  2. This is genius. Can I come over and have some of your diamonds??


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