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Cocktail of the Week

Happy Friday, friends! Becca's back with her latest installment of Bex's Weekly Creative Cocktail. This tall drink of bourbon is called "Strangers in the Night." Take it away, Bex.

Exchanging glances—what were the chances?

You can always rely on the lullabies of Frank Sinatra to inspire you. So let’s class it up and take it back, shall we? Tonight, I offer you my latest on Bex’s Weekly Creative Cocktail, “Strangers in the Night.” Be the bold and sweet temptation with this balance of bourbon, Aperol and blackberries. Strut on over to the dark and daring, that persuading smile, that elegant demeanor, and a devious stolen dance. Consume, or prepare with moderation.

  • 2oz Bourbon 
  • 1oz Aperol 
  • 2 Pure sugar cane cubes 
  • 3 Large Blackberries 

 *Muddle sugar cane and blackberries, then add bourbon and Aperol. Shake with ice and fine strain into martini glass. Garnish with blackberry skewer.

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Recipe and photography by Becca Wyant.

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  1. I'm not much of a cocktail drinker, but Bex's writing is enough to tempt me to try this one!


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