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Cocktail of the Week

Happy Friday, friends! I may be off my blogging game this week, but Becca is on top of it. Today she's got a refreshing summer cocktail for you called the "Ultimate Fresh-bee." Be sure to try this gin beauty over the weekend and come back next week for the fun explanation for why I've been M.I.A. Take it away, Bex.

Summer makes me think of outdoor activities, and outdoor activities makes me think of booze. Wait what? Well, what’s been said, been said. Today on Bex's Weekly Creative Cocktail, I bring you my "Ultimate Fresh-bee.” The light and refreshing gin sensation that will help take on the sun beaming down (with your own competing glow possibly). Don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get hit with the 90° weather, and it inspired me to create something that would help me survive. So, here’s to the many summer adventures that lie ahead! Time to put those stunna shades on and tell me when to go.

 · 2oz Gin 
 · ½ oz Cointreau (or triple sec) 
 · 1oz Fresh Grapefruit 
 · ¼ oz Agave 
 · 2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters 
 · 3 large Mint leaves 
 · Club Soda 

 *Muddle mint, and then add remaining ingredients (except club soda). Shake and dump into a Collin’s glass (or mason jar). Top with more ice and club soda. Slightly stir. Garnish with mint sprig. 

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Recipe and photography by Becca Wyant.

PS: If you haven't already, go listen to the new Nate Ruess album streaming on RollingStone! AHHH!!!

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