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What I've Been Up To

So my phone got stolen last weekend.. Gotta love that moment when you're tipsy enough to think you've got the balls to hunt down the thief as your Find My iPhone dot blinks a few blocks away from the bar you've been dancing the night away in. Then you see police officers and ask them to help, and they're like, "No. Also, Don't follow them, dummy." And you're like, "HA! I'm doing it anyway because I may be 5'4" and weigh the same amount as a 10 year old boy, but I'm TOUGH!" But then you accidentally hit the "Page your iPhone" button so the butt-head-thief turns your phone off at a delicious burrito shop in the Mission and it thinks it's still there eight hours later. 

Good times. Like, what would I even do if I did find him/her? 

"Excuse me. Hi. Did you, um, do you have my phone? No? Okay! Have a good night!"

Anyway, it was because of this phone theft that I am unable to show off my gluten-free cupcakes and Ziggy cuddling with a very small princess dog wearing a LBD. You also can't see the fruits of my solo wine/paint session last Friday where I crafted a crown for the birthday girl we celebrated Saturday. And you don't even want to see the hot phoneless mess that went down on Sunday, but since none of my photos are able to be retrieved, I've been working hard to accumulate a massive collection of new photos on my new bare iPhone 6 plus (thank you, insurance!). Here's what I've come up with in about a week and a half:
Bay Area sunsets, on point as per usual. A little bit of miracle rain on colorful plants.
Homemade banana bread muffins. Pretty drinks in Livermore (flashback! I hadn't been back since I moved in September). Wine and cows at the Livermore Rodeo. Did you know that Wild Cow Milking is a rodeo event..? I'm from Central Florida and even I think that's too far.
A little bowling action. A beautiful portrait of the Sausage Dog painted by Britt of Dog Doodlez (order yours here!). My first snow cone in years enjoyed in 90+ degree weather.
And a photoshoot at Lake Merritt with that guy wearing my new favorite shorts, purchased at the rodeo.

Add in some bootcamps, barre classes and acroyoga, and that about sums up what I've been up to lately. Now it's time to outfit my new phone. Come back tomorrow to help me decide what case to buy!

PS: Looking for some tunes? Click here for my latest playlist.


  1. That's horrible about your phone! I don't understand why people have to steal stuff. Buncha jerks!

  2. I loved the story even though losing an iphone is terrible! I LOL'd inside a couple times. :)
    Just followed your blog and look forward to being a regular reader!


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