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Weekend Things

Wednesday is as good a day as any to recap my long weekend, right? Right. Saturday was the highlight, hands down. We found a last-minute group to venture up to Alamere Falls where we found a rope swing, stripped down to our skivvies and plunged into the frigid water. We came out shivering and struggled to get our clothes back on before climbing, sliding, falling our way into giant waterfalls. Sunday was spent by a pool eating tacos and drinking tequila. Monday was spent recovering and hating tequila, and now it's just a matter of days until I'm spending the weekend in Napa for Bottlerock. Now let's get this real life stuff out of the way!


  1. Looks like a gorgeous hike; sounds like you had an amazing time too!!

  2. Wow, sounds like an awesome weekend! Hope the rest of the week is awesome!

  3. So fun! I'm glad you had a great weekend! I didn't do much for my long weekend, bummer!


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