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Things I learned over the weekend

A long, long time ago when all my internet friends still blogged (and I used to spend my weekends making lactose-free banana splits and watching Redbox movies with my dog.. ahem..) we used to participate in a link up called "Things I Learned Over the Weekend." I think it was because no one actually likes reading weekend recaps, but ha! Joke's on me 'cause apparently that's all I do now. Anywho, let's talk about what I learned over those three sacred days, shall we?
I learned that I don't take photos of girls night when I'm busy demanding the attention of the room with every update/thought/idea that pops into my head.

I learned that I do not like walking into clubs by myself. Hey girl. Where's your boyfriend? No, really. Where's he at? Hey! Hey. NO.

I learned that even while intoxicated I am very conscious of not consuming the sour cream sneakily living in my burrito--and by conscious of it, I mean make as big a mess as possible while still consuming all of the sour cream and by my burrito, I mean my boyfriend's.

I learned I can, in fact, fit an entire bottle of wine into my new Wine2Go foldable wine bottle, but more on that later.

I learned that soju is a sorry excuse for a vodka substitute, but Portal is my new favorite Oaktown brunch spot regardless.

I learned that Ziggy's just using me for my food. I guess I knew that already.

I learned that people care about boxing?
I learned that golf is actually kind of fun, but I did not need to learn that I would suck super hard at it.

I learned that if you miss the ball and end up spinning around in a full 360 (multiple times) and you're sore all over the next day, you're probably doing it wrong.

I learned that Chubby Noodle does unlimited dim sum and mimosas until 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. And that I freaking love dim sum.

I learned that I clearly have zero self-restraint on weekends (oh hai, bikini bod).

I learned that the Orpheum theater is super rad and that "Book of Mormon" is wow-I'm-definitely-going-hell-if-there-is-one-peed-my-pants funny.

Those were my weekend lessons. Did you learn anything this weekend? Do share.


  1. i love golf...carts. that's the same thing, right?

  2. Golf is super fun! Even when you do it wrong. :-)

  3. I saw The Book of Mormon when I visited Chicago and it was amazing--so funny!
    My husband kept talking about the dang fight and I was like "you don't watch boxing the other 364 days of the year, so why is this fight any different?" Makes no sense...

  4. you said boyfriend. i love it.
    also, drunk burritos are only good if you keep the sour cream on them ;)

  5. Yes, you're right! This is the best and only way to do the weekend recap even if that's your only type of post anymore! You can't help it that you're out having amazing fun times!

  6. I love putt putt. Does that count as close to golf? Maybe a little bit?


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