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Friday Fitness

I mentioned on Monday that I started the Tone it Up Bikini Series, but today I wanted to talk more about it.. because it's Friday and I can. I've been obsessed with the Tone it Up ladies since right before moving to California. Many of the workouts that went into my 2013 Operation: Shakira Bod attempt were from them because they have a bajillion free workout videos on YouTube (and they're super hot, obviously). At that time I was working out in a tiny room with a bed that actually took up 7/8 of the room. I would sweat all over my laptop and Ziggy would insist on getting involved any time I was in plank position. The following year, I participated in the Bikini Series again trying to follow along with all the free workouts and trying not to bust my ass reaching 100 miles by summer. My workout space was a larger room with my own bathroom, but in order to afford said apartment, I was on a strict budget.

If you're not familiar with Tone it Up, one of the coolest things about it is the community it builds. There are meet-ups all around major cities all the time and the trainers themselves often take to Instagram to 'like' your Insta-check-ins. Anyway, I figured after three years of dedication to the Tone it Up cult, I should take advantage of being in a semi-secure time of my life and just go for it. So I bought the TIU Nutrition plan and it came with everything from the Beach Babe DVD (with 6 or so full workouts) to TIU branded socks. Obviously I was smitten. As a person who doesn't often (read: never) spend money on fade diets or workout programs, I'm feeling pretty dedicated to this program. Each year I've seen results just from doing the workouts, and this year I'm ready to look, feel and be better by changing the food I put into my body as well as the intensity of my workouts.

I've eaten more vegetables in the last two weeks than perhaps ever in my life. I've experimented with paleo in the past, trying to figure out what is exactly is wrong with my stomach, sometimes feeling like it was a complete success and other times a total failure, but if you go back far enough in the archives here, you'll find me experimenting with vegan cooking on the reg. Basically I love learning. I was bored with cooking meat all the time (and the gross heartbreak of watching it go bad in my fridge), and this fish-and-tofu-and-veggie heavy program has been a breath of fresh air. I love eating oatmeal in the morning and snacking on hummus in the afternoon. I haven't felt hungry because I'm constantly eating and every week your check-ins on social media give you the chance to win various goodies from the TIU ladies. It's like a big healthy game and I kind of love it.

Okay, I'm done defending my life choices. Are any of you guys participating in the Bikini Series this year? It's not too late if you'd like to join me. I plan to keep track of my workouts here on Fridays to keep myself on track, and I'll link to the free ones if you want to follow along. Here's what the past two weeks have looked like:

Bikini Series Week 1 Recap:
Monday: Frisky Fall, Ultimate Bootycall (30 min HIIT)
Tuesday: The Mermaid
Thursday: 3-mile run, TIU Booty, Beach Arms (Beach Babe 3)
Friday: Insane Cardio HIIT
Saturday: 6-mile SF urban hike
Sunday: 13-mile Marin Headlands hike

Week 2 Recap:
Monday: Beach Bombshell (total body toning)
Wednesday: HIITy Bitty Bikini, 3-mile run
Thursday: Ultimate Bootycall (30 min HIIT)
Friday: Caribbean Kettlebell Workout, Bikini Arms

Happy Friday! How are you guys getting ready for bikini season?

PS: Another virtual trainer I've been in love with a long, long time is Cassey Ho of Blogilates and I just wanted to share this article. Just to clarify: when I said "bikini bod" I mean a body that's healthy, strong and makes you feel confident. I am never referring to "thigh gap" or a certain number on the scale. I love working hard for results but I do NOT think it's ever okay to judge or body shame anyone (even if they're Insta-famous or celebrities). Every body is beautiful.


  1. You go, girl! I'm just sitting here munching on some left over Easter chocolates and envying your motivation! Love those TIU girls, but dang, they ask for a lot of commitment that this Hoosier just hasn't been able to give them. #phobic ;)

  2. Rock it girl! As of Monday I'm going to hop on the Insanity train. I anticipate being in a constant state of soreness as I'm also training for my next race in a few weeks. Heelllppp haha.

  3. Killin' it girl! I also am not one to purchase fad diets at all, but after seeing Amanda Adams, Kayla Itsines, and the TIU girls, I am firmly convinced that these babes know what they are doing. I got the AA program which I use for strength training & I just got the KI program so that I can do the circuit training during the week also while I'm at home and won't need weights :) Looking forward to keeping up with your fitness journey!


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