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Summertime Obsessions

Compensation was provided by Canyon Beachwear for this post. All opinions, however, are solely mine.

As if yesterday's post wasn't a dead giveaway, I'm ready for summer. I want to strut out the door wearing nothing but a short dress, bikini and floppy hat without a second thought about sweaters for later. I want umbrellas in my drinks and Birkenstocks on my feet. One of the things I miss most about Florida (and there aren't many..) is warm water. I can get to the ocean way easier these days; it's everywhere and it's beautiful but it's cold. Like, not I'm-a-Floridian-turned-Californian-and-I-think-everything's-cold cold, but really-freaking-cold-unless-you're-a-polar-bear cold. One thing I can do, however, is look as put together as I want while visiting the beach knowing that I'm more than likely not going to be getting wet or sweating my makeup off or melting my nail polish with bugspray (but really). Chances are I still won't be wearing much makeup, but accessories and cute suits? That I can do. Here are some of the summertime fashionable items I'm coveting.

1. This Canyon Beachwear coverup is that color I've been obsessing over for probably too long now. Plus its bell sleeves, embroidery and under-boob tassels are everything. Get it here

2. I've gone too long without owning a pair of perfectly circular Lennon shades. These light ones from Free People are just different enough to make me heart eyed.

3. This ruffle-y itty bitty bikini from Canyon Beachwear looks like the pattern mixing beauty my post-Bikini-Series bod has been dreaming of. Check out more of their designer swimsuits here.

4. Stackable rings are still very much my jam. Get these ocean flavored ones here

5. Madden Girl never ceases to make my shoe fettish flourish. These Birk-esque sandals with gold straps are exactly the summer sandal I've been looking for.

6. This hat is not even slightly within my budget, but we can dream, right? Let's be honest, I need that blanket under it more than anything.

7. Pretty, gold, delicate and weird is pretty much my jewelry M.O. Check it here.

8. Best for last, y'all. This crochet in the middle one-piece is so, so very beautiful. If I were capable of tanning, maybe it would be an issue but as it is, I need it on me immediately. Check out the rest of Frankie's Swimwear here.

What do you need to have on you this summer?


  1. Love that cover up. That color is definitely one of my favorites

  2. OMG. Cute!! I can't even think about summer yet. There's a lot going on this month, but I'm going to bookmark this post for when I do start thinking about it. haha Can't get over the CUTE!

  3. I don't actually believe it will ever be summer again in the Northeast, but if it does come, I want to be wearing #8 to meet it. *heart-eye emoji*

  4. That hat & those dainty jewels, I need!!


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