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DIY Succulent Pots

I can't tell you the exact moment that I turned into my mother, but I can tell you the transformation was recent and that it's done a number on my apathy toward plants.
I remember my dad pulling over on road trips so she could hop out of the car (to the sound of my sister and I grumbling and eye-rolling) to take photos of plants growing wild next to the highway. This has been an ongoing theme for as long as I can remember. Mom lugs around her giant camera (which was finally switched to the digital realm a few years ago) and snaps away at growing things. On her most recent trips to California, I lost count of the gasps followed by, "Can you believe there's wild fennel growing right here next to a dumpster?!" followed by crushed up green stuff under my nose. 

I've always loved the smells and the tastes of herbs, but I'm historically anti-flowers. Not that I don't think they're pretty, they're just impractical and not in the shoe pretty-but-impractical kind of way because that I can get behind. I just don't like watching something so pretty wilt so quickly before my eyeballs. I never inherited my mom's green thumb, so anything I try planting will wilt fairly quickly before my eyeballs, but there's just something about these little green guys that makes me want to keep trying. I don't reject everything that deteriorates over time. Take humans, for example; I like some of them. And much like the depressing topic of the human body's deterioration, succulents die on me, but they do it slowly. Props to you normal people who can get them thriving, but me? I'm just stoked that my fuzzy cactus is still alive from Valentine's Day.

Are your v-day roses still alive? Didn't think so.

The point is, I never thought a giant sign for a "Dry Garden" would make me as excited as it did the other day when I bought these little plant babies. I never thought that I'd be the one yelling at the driver to pull over so I could take photos on the side of the road with my own giant camera, and I might even have more flower photos than selfies on my camera roll this week. Maybe.

So with a big old dose of wishful thinking and in celebration of these new additions to my family, I painted the flower pots I bought when I first moved into this apartment. 
Two little ones and one slightly bigger one. I just started painting them with light blue and white acrylic paint since those two and gold are pretty much the only colors I ever want to decorate with.
Several coats and a bad Zac Efron movie later, I added details in black.
I guess this is pretty straight forward as far as DIY projects go, but I figured I'd show the process anyway. I'm kind of into the whole geometric pattern mixed with imperfect brush strokes thing, so I went for it.
Now I just have to start my air plant collection and learn how to macrame so I can cross over into full-blown hipster/granny territory. But seriously, those are both things I want to do.


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