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Alt-J, Bikini Series & Hikes of Epic Proportions

Life is busy and crazy and full right now, and yet I still feel that twinge of emptiness whenever I neglect this little space. It's a weird feeling. I laugh at myself when I feel that disappointment of opening one of my favorite blog's homepage and seeing familiar content staring back at me, knowing very well that my last post is 10 days old. Basically I miss you guys. Please don't leave me.
In the past 10 days (from top left clockwise) I had my last vegan ice cream cone before starting the Tone It Up Bikini Series. Oh, it's on, my friends. This is week two and I've been sore non-stop. I saw Alt-J in concert and it was as intense and awesome as I thought it would be. I took photos of dogs just as much as I usually do. That one hanging out the sunroof really got me though. #Icanteven
I spent Saturday being a tourist in San Francisco. I showed some newbs (I've been here for two years as of Sunday and I know more about the city than some other people now! What is this madness?!) the sea lions on Pier 39, the parrots on the Filbert steps, Lombard Street and wandered around Coit Tower--it was essentially a 6-mile urban hike. I also cooked a Tone It Up-approved brunch for the roomie and boy before our adventures and it was well received (Ziggy liked it too).
My girl, Emma, turned 26 on Sunday and we celebrated with a 13ish-mile hike in the Marin Headlands where we shivered downhill into the fog and sweated uphill to perfect sunny, blue skies.
Afterward we nommed on my homemade rainbow layered cake and champagne before passing out from exhaustion. Oh, and my first article for Brit + Co went up on Friday! Check it out here. It was a pretty spectacular weekend and the week leading up to it was filled with meal prep, workouts and lots of work. I loved it, but I might be ready to sleep for 48 hours straight. When is national nap day..? Happy Monday, friends!


  1. It looks like you had such a wonderful weekend! That birthday cake is too spectacular :D Your post is really making me want to go on a hike -- our weather has been beautiful lately! Perfect hiking weather!

  2. That cake looks so amazing! Yum! I tried to do the Bikini Series last year, but seeing as I'm a morning workout person and the workouts don't go live until middle/end of the day my time, it really screwed with me. Maybe I'll add some of those workouts into my regular schedule though.

  3. Oh, what fun! Glad to see you so happy, boo thang. :)


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