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Springtime Manicure

Happy springtime, friends! I'll tell you what, looking at a word like "springtime" long enough sure does confuse the hell out of your brain. I started running through all the seasons convincing myself that no one would ever say "wintertime" even though, of course, they do. What about falltime though? Oh yeah, that one gets redlined. What's that about? Autumntime? Nope. Who says fall-time besides TV announcers? Anyway...
The change of any season is exciting to me. This could be because I've never lived anywhere that actually has seasons besides "hot" and "less hot," but still. Let us celebrate spring by painting our nails, shall we? 
Here's what you need:
Three springy nail polish colors - I used essie fashion playground, romper room and carry on
A small nail (or a dotting tool, if you fancy)
Clear top coat

I painted all my nails pink (romper room) except the accent nail, which I painted purple-ish (carry on). After letting them dry completely, I carefully dipped the nail head in light blue (fashion playground) polish and added three dots vertically to each nail. Finished with a top coat and...
Boom! Springtime nail inception.

Now who wants to go prancing through fields of daisies with me?


  1. Damn you and this prettiness. Can you help me in April when I'm in your home?!?!

  2. That picture is so meta. And I have Carry On on my toes right now. Love that shade.

  3. Love this. Copying ASAP. Now to hunt down these colors!


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