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I confess..

Sometimes this is how Ziggy and I sleep.

I'm still limping from that half marathon on Sunday.

After that run, I ate my weight in bacon, cinnamon buns and potato chips.

I downloaded My Fitness Pal a couple weeks ago and it already gave up on notifying me of things.

I'm not even halfway through Eleanor & Park for this month's book club on Sunday (but I love it so far and I will finish it by discussion time).

If you click here, you'll see lots of random confessions in really random order.

I got a little carried away at the semi-annual VS Swim sale, so I should probably stop carb-loading for a race that already happened.

I killed two more of my succulent friends. Maybe I should just stick with these..

Twirling short hair is not nearly as good as twirling long hair. When I try to twirl it is pretty much the only time I miss it.. which is always.

That's about all I have to confess for today. Go link up with Melissa!

PS: Don't forget to enter the Dog Lovers Giveaway for a chance to win a pet portrait + doggie treats. It ends tomorrow!


  1. i confess that i clicked on your confessions link and then just about peed my pants laughing at that banana cause im a twelve year old and it totally looked like a jizzed up nanner.

  2. Eeeee, book club is this weekend! Makes me happy and makes me sad too that we had to switch weekends. Can we at least drink the same wine??

  3. My BF and I keep buying flowers and I have now dubbed the back porch as the flower graveyard. We have good intentions, but we can't keep shit alive.
    I NEED VS to put sports bras on sale because $60 makes my soul hurt and I can't wear their swim suits if I can't get in shape!

  4. Oh Ziggy, you cute little furball, you. I love him! I wish I had been home for the VS swim sale. I'm in desperate need of a new swimmy!


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