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Operation: Shakira Bod

Lately I've been eating like a 13-year-old boy who thinks he can battle pimples with pizza. And coincidentally my skin, energy and jeans are feeling the effects of it. I've been exercising more ever since I started my tentative marathon training, but I'm ready to crack down. I dub this month of June my fitness month. Maybe it doesn't make sense seeing as how June is already summer time, but the thing is I just moved from Florida, where it was bikini weather starting some time in January, to San Francisco, where it's pretty much sweater weather year round, so the time has come (the walrus said..)

Anywho, I will be challenging myself yet again to do this thing and do it right. The Whole30 was awesome, no doubt about it. I saw and felt results after just 30 days, but it was too restrictive (for my purposes-- others who are dedicated would benefit greatly from this program) and I went right back to my old ways as soon as it was over. So now I'm more concerned with just adjusting to new, healthier habits so I can just feel and look good. I'm starting it as a "challenge" for June, but I'd actually just like to carry on excellent habits for--ev--or.

Here's my plan:

Drink 4 16-oz bottles of water every single day
Do at least 30 minutes of physical activity every single day (this could even just be walking Ziggy)
No fried food
Cut down sugar intake by a lot
Protein and veggies with every meal
No cheating on long runs for marathon training
One "cheat" day per week (low sugar alcoholic drinks/dessert allowed on this day, probably on the weekend, but exercise has to happen even on cheat days)
No soda

Here are my goals:

To lose 4% body fat (for me this is 4.6 lbs of fat -- note I will not be upset about not "losing enough weight," I am more concerned with building muscle and being healthy, and I am fully aware of muscle's tendency to weigh more than fat)

To blog about it often, even if it's annoying (I apologize in advance, but I've noticed writing about it/updating my workout chart has been extremely helpful in keeping myself motivated and honest)

To get into the habit of working out in the morning (and not 10am, like socially acceptable "morning")

To have muscle definition

To be comfortable displaying "after" photos here on this blog

To strut my stuff in a new, fabulous bikini on the Fourth of July (I have not purchased a new bikini top or bottom in years now -- I will have a goal bikini and once I get where I want to be, I'll model it proudly)

Here are the links I will be using on a daily basis for recipe, workout and hot bod motivation:
..and on days when I really wanna turn up the heat: prancercise.

Here's my question, do any of you ladies want to join me in this June fitness business? I don't expect you all to want to run a marathon with me, but I do love a good excuse to send a sweaty selfie to friends and you can bet your ass that's what I'll be doing if you're down to get fit. I could even turn this bad boy into a linkup if y'all are down to hold me accountable. I would thoroughly enjoy stalking your social media pages for workout updates, healthy meals and excessive water consumption. Please send me a link to that bikini you've been dying to squeeze into and let me know if you're ready to finally look like the VS model you are inside.

And if you're willing to put money on it, go join the Diet Bet. I haven't decided if I'm going to or not.. although I only have a few more hours to decide.

Follow my journey on InstaGram and Twitter for sweaty selfie goodness and SnapChat me yours at Mackensieg. Also #OperationShakiraBod and you'll make my life. Just saying.

Here's an update on the last four weeks of marathon training:
That Flatter My Abs video killed my core. Like, I'm still sore and it's Thursday night. Craziness. Here's the Gentleman video and the thigh challenge. And as you can see I'm starting out this June challenge with a half marathon (Zombie Runner) on the first. Wish me luuuuck.

As for Back that azz up Friday, I'll be jamming out to my go-to fitness inspiration, Shakira.

Happy Friday!


  1. I would love to join! I just posted a workout today, coincidetally. I used to post them all the time but slacked off the last 6 months or so (and I slacked off physically too). I need to lose about 5lbs of fat or so as well.


  2. ahhh yeah! excited to keep track with you. love following anyone that keeps me motivated and on track too. burpees are your friend if you want full body muscle toning!

  3. get it girrrrrl. I'm cheering you on. and will happily read your progress along the way. I just bought a brand new bikini I'd love to look 'hawt' in. so I'm going to do my best to follow your lead. have a grrreat weekend - chels @ LLinaBC.com

  4. I've got your back MacKensie!! I'll be following along on InstaGram and Twitter. I'd love a link-up! I'm kinda on a blogging hiatus right now, but I would make it work. I don't see a bikini in my future, like EVER and I've got a LOT farther to go than you until I'm healthy and fit and all that jazz, but support is always welcome and I'll definitely share what I'm doing on my instagram too! Follow along if you want at karimonster :)

    I love Shakira and I'd love to look like her! Ha!

  5. Get it! Thats awesome - I ran my first half last month and it felt awesome! good luck!

  6. I'm new to the blog, but I LOVE the idea of blogging ongoing fitness adventures. It's one thing to get a list of fitness and food tips, but it's way more awesome to live the experience through someone.

    I also have been half-arsing my fitness in May, mostly because I'm not focusing on specific numbers, like weight loss. But goals are still good and you've inspired me to set some for June!

  7. I'll be keeping up with you! :) Hopefully I'll find some motivation from you!

  8. god do i need to get my fat ass in shape.
    i shall join you. except for the marathon running. no thank you on that.


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