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Why my dog should be a fashion blogger

I may be a big ball of awkward when it comes to posing in fashion posts, but my dog? She's got this in the bag. These are the reasons why Ziggy should be a fashion blogger.
She looks great even when she first rolls out of bed.
She's not afraid to try "out there" looks.
She has perfected the "look away" pose.
She looks amazing in shades..
And in hipster specks.
She knows how to use props.
And she utilizes her surroundings.
She loves working out and staying fit.
And finally, she's not afraid to show a little skin..

Just saying.


  1. omg!! SO CUTE, that's my kind of fashion blogger!

  2. Awe.... get her a blog, stat!

  3. i literally cannot get over how cute she is. i CANNOT handle it.

  4. Haha what a little model! Love this post, so funny!



  5. My favorite is the one with the hipster shades. I do the same with my dog. Too cute!!

  6. oh my god i'm dying at this! she definitely needs her own blog.

    xo the egg out west.

  7. Hahaha, she's a way better fashion blogger than I am, that's for sure!

  8. This is such a cute post! And exactly why I decided to start a blog all about fashion & my dogs - they are much cuter than me anyhow!

    Check it out: www.wearwagrepeat.com

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  10. haha this is cute! I've done a few posts including my pup Levi.. and am always including pics of him in my posts. I doubt he's into fashion but he does love watching videos of himself.



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